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April Platform Update – UI Improvements Take Centre Stage

April Platform Update 2018 Matmatch

Welcome to the April edition of our update blog. This month the focus is on UI (user interface) improvements as we continue to make changes to deliver a better overall experience on the site. Among the improvements are:

  • Updated homepage
  • Changes to the application search wizard
  • Search results page improvements
  • Material detail page update

As ever, our backend engineers have also been busy fixing bugs and making performance improvements. A lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work has been done to prepare for some exciting future releases.

Design changes

While we are constantly releasing updates to Matmatch, not all of them are visible. That’s why our February update blog focused on the work of our backend engineers. This month, however, there have been a number of visible changes to the platform.

For a start, we made some small changes to the homepage. We removed some sections that we found visitors didn’t really interact with and made the introductory video more prominent, as we noticed that many first-time visitors watched it. And this is just the start – we are planning to introduce additional changes in the future.

The Application element of the search wizard has also been updated. Now you can see a full list of the different applications you can filter by, and we’ve made it more obvious that you can quickly filter the list down by typing in the search box:

Matmatch April platform updates 2018

Other changes include an updated search results page, where we’ve introduced a cleaner look. Finally, the material detail page has been updated to reflect the changes we made on the supplier page. The key information is now presented in a full-width section at the top, with the rest of the information in separate cards below.

Across the site some small changes have been made to improve the experience generally. For example, the page width is now limited on larger screens so you don’t see so much white space.

Under the hood improvements

As mentioned, we’ve made some changes that will enable us to ship some exciting new features in the future. Our backend and frontend engineers have worked on this, and while the result isn’t visible, the foundations have now been laid for new features we’ll be working on over the coming months.

That just about covers it for this month. As a final note though, we’d like to welcome a couple of new suppliers to the platform – Braz Line and Itecma. We’re delighted to have them on board and look forward to helping them reach more customers around the world.

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