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December Platform Update: It’s Now Easier to Contact Suppliers

In this new blog, you will find the latest updates on Matmatch platform releases, new features, as well as platform enhancements that benefit both users and suppliers. What’s new this December? Discover our new product improvements that create a better user experience and add new functionality to the platform.

Contact Suppliers Directly

When you’ve chosen a material for your project, you want to connect with suppliers. After all, your project can’t move forward without them. To foster better and clearer communication, we’ve introduced a new feature that enables buyers to contact suppliers more easily – directly from the platform.

How Does It Work?

Let’s start at the beginning. When you’re trying to find a perfect material for your project, you begin with a material search – maybe something broad if you’re unsure or something specific if you know what you’re looking for.

Once you found a material you need, you can see a detailed material sheet that comes together with a data on chemical composition, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

The name of the material is displayed in the main section, while the right sidebar showcases information on suppliers. You can then click through to find out more about a supplier, the company profile, location, quality certifications and most importantly, – supplier contact information.

With the newest feature, you can simply click ‘Send Message’ in order to contact the supplier via email. When doing so, an additional pop-up will appear with a short form and the message field. You can ask your chosen supplier directly about materials, properties, prices, delivery and any other questions.

What Are the Benefits?

For material buyers, the process of contacting suppliers is now much easier. With the new feature, you can quickly and efficiently contact suppliers right away, directly in the Matmatch interface. You don’t have to call or open another tab to send an email.

For suppliers on the platform, it’s now much easier to keep track of who’s been in touch. Plus, they know instantly that the contact came via Matmatch, which helps prove the value of being listed on the site.

What Else is New?

In addition to making it easier to connect with suppliers, we’ve made some other improvements recently:

  • Improved search tab design;
  • Optimised login/signup pages for mobile;
  • Mobile search experience optimization;
  • Comment field feature;
  • Call Button: We added ‘call’ button next to send email button so buyers can comfortably contact suppliers straight away, directly from the platform:

You are welcome to test our new and refined features now! Give it a try and see what a big difference it makes. We are excited to hear your feedback, so please share your comments at

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