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January Platform Update – Preview Materials in the Search Results

As January draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to let you know about the most exciting updates of this month. We are proud to present:

  • A new material preview feature
  • An easier way to inquire about materials
  • Updates to the Matmatch database

Preview materials in search results

One of the big updates we’ve implemented this month is a material preview feature. Now, you can see the key details about a material directly from the search results.

This means that you can get the main information you require at a glance, reducing the time it takes to find the perfect material.

How does it work?

It’s simple – on the search results page, just click a material and the preview window will open. If you want to view the full details, simply click on the material again or use the More details button.

Enquire about materials directly

We’ve now made it really easy to enquire about a material. Whether you want to get a quote from a supplier, or find out more about a material you’re interested in, you can do so directly from any material page.

For materials that are associated with a supplier, your enquiry will go directly to them. For those without a supplier, Matmatch will receive and answer your enquiry.

How does it work?

Just click the Get in touch button on any material page and fill out the form. Your enquiry will be sent to the most relevant person to ensure you get a quick response.

New materials added

Our database continues to be refined and improved. Most notably, we now have more polymers with detailed information. Want to check it out? Try this search to find a polymer used for coated fabrics or polymers used in medical equipment.

The data sets have been specially compiled for us by M-Base, the leading resource for plastics data. We have a close relationship with the company and will continue to work together to add more data on plastics to our database in the near future.

Plus, we’ve added new data for titanium. We have combined data from a variety of different sources and it has been verified by our material scientists. Check out the full range of titanium alloys we have in the database, or click here to find data on pure titanium.

As always, the best way to find out more is by exploring the platform. So click here to go to the homepage and perform some searches to check out the new features today. And please feel free to share feedback directly – you can send an email to

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