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June Platform Update – Presenting Rich Content for Suppliers

June Platform Update Matmatch 2018

Welcome to the latest platform update from Matmatch. This time we just have a short update but will be back with a longer one early next month.

Here are a few of the things we introduced last month:

  • Improvements to auto-suggestions
  • Developments to the data model
  • Rich content for suppliers

We are also excited to announce new suppliers on board: Sverdrup Steel, a global supplier of high-performance materials and Goodfellow, a supplier of materials for research and development. You are welcome to check the 45 metals from Sverdrup Steel and 88 different metals, glass, ceramics, polymers, and composites from Goodfellow. Look out for further news on our new suppliers shortly.

Auto-suggestions improvements

One of the key aspects of Matmatch is our user-friendly and intuitive interface. It’s central to our mission of making it easy to discover, evaluate and source materials. So, it is natural that we’re always looking for ways to streamline the material selection process further.

Last month we made some improvements to the auto suggestions feature to contribute to this. As you’ve probably seen, when you start typing a query into the search bar, we make suggestions to help complete your search:

Previously, if you clicked on a specific material name or supplier in the list of suggestions, you’d get taken to the search results page. Now, you’re taken directly to the material or supplier detail page – cutting out the middleman (i.e. the search results page).

Auto-suggestions: how it works

New properties added to the data model

The data model is central to our product. Effectively, it defines how we add and present material data, so it’s made up of a huge selection of material properties and values.

Last month, to support the addition of new materials, we added over 140 new material properties to the data model. This gives users more ways to find materials. For example, you can now filter by pH value, shrinkage, and carrier mobility.

While some of the 140+ new properties are only likely to be used in edge cases, it nonetheless furthers our goal of becoming the most comprehensive materials database in the world.

Rich content for suppliers

We are excited to introduce a new way for suppliers to promote their brand and products: rich content. It will help both Matmatch suppliers and users in a multitude of ways: materials suppliers will be able to generate more awareness of how their materials can be used, help to convert users already considering their materials, and just generally gain more visibility on Matmatch. Meanwhile, Matmatch users to get to know more about various materials, interesting applications and unique use cases.

Have a look at the content from suppliers Plansee and Braz Line. When you visit their profiles, you’ll see an ‘Examples’ section. Here, you can see all the rich content for those suppliers. For instance, this article on molybdenum sputtering targets from Plansee and this one on aluminium flooring profiles from Braz Line.

Rich content: Braz Line Aluminium flooring profiles

If you’re a materials supplier, get in touch with us to find out more about this (or contact your account manager).

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