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March Platform Update – On the Way To Semi-Finished Products

Matmatch platform update March 2018

March was another busy month for the team here at Matmatch. In addition to the updates below, we’re happy to announce that we have a new Head of Product – Marcus Wiberg. He is stepping up from his previous Product Manager role and will be driving the product forward to help us become the go-to platform for materials. Here are March 2018 release featured highlights:

  • Semi-finished products: We added three new properties to pave the way for semi-finished materials and products. Length, width and thickness ranges are now available to help engineers find the materials they need.
  • UX/UI optimisation: We made UI improvements, including new mobile-friendly navigation, an updated style for icons and buttons, and some changes to the look and feel of supplier profiles.

A Better Way to Find Semi-Finished Products

We’ve had feedback from both users and suppliers that they’d like to have a better way to find and display semi-finished products on Matmatch. So this March we started to develop a new feature that will help engineers, designers and procurement teams to find materials according to their dimensions; length, width and thickness.

The feature will massively simplify the materials search, and aid in materials selection. In addition to helping engineers and procurement teams find materials with the exact dimensions they require, it’ll help suppliers promote their semi-finished products more easily – so it’s a win-win for both sides! You can access the new “Dimensions” option from the “Material Property” filter section. Check out how it works:

Matmatch - Semi-finished products example

We believe the new feature will enhance the materials search and simplify the selection of semi-finished materials. However, we are just getting started, so keep looking as we add more materials over the coming months.

Better UX/UI Design

And of course, we have been actively collecting and analyzing user feedback regarding the interface and user experience. To achieve our aim of becoming the top choice materials database for researchers, engineers and designers, we are constantly assessing the quality of the user experience, and polishing and fixing isolated design issues.

  • Around 25% of our users are on mobile and tablet devices, so we are keen to ensure we deliver a great experience to them as well as to our desktop users. With users doing increasingly more on mobile, the spotlight is on how to improve the individual elements that together create the mobile user experience. For mobile screens, we introduced a new menu style and made some other small design improvements. Give Matmatch a try on your mobile today if you haven’t done so already.
  • Secondly, we updated the styles for icons and buttons across the site, introducing more consistent icons and making them slightly bigger (15px – 20px).
  • Finally, we made some improvements to the layout of supplier profiles.

That’s it for this month, but we’ll be back soon with another update. If you’ve not done so already, please subscribe to receive email notifications of regular platform releases and updates:

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