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Matmatch Goes to Design For Manufacturing Summit #24

CEO of Matmatch, Melissa Albeck, has been invited to participate in the 24th edition of the Design For Manufacturing Summit that will take place on December 7th in Shoreditch, London.

As one of the speakers of the event, Melissa will discuss how engineers and product designers have traditionally carried out materials research and how Matmatch is looking to change that. During the keynote speech, titled “Disrupting Materials Sourcing”, Melissa will also explain how Matmatch is empowering engineers and product development teams to use the best engineering materials on the market.

We’re not only attending the summit to speak, but also to collect feedback from users of the platform. We want to use their input to develop our product further and ensure it delivers real value to the engineering community.

“We launched Matmatch in September 2017. Since then, the team has grown fast. We have ambitious goals and feel there is great future potential for the platform”, says Melissa. “Today, every industry is going through the digitalisation evolution. We’re now changing the engineering industry by reshaping the materials sourcing process.”

The DFM Summits are global meetings that aim to connect industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers and product developers from all over the world. These summits provide a great opportunity to learn from inspirational businesses, hear from leaders about the game-changing technologies and discover trends that impact manufacturing.

The event unites people from different industries: automotive, aerospace and defence, precision engineering, consumer electronics, robotics and machine tools, pharmaceutical and others. This year especially, the focus will be on exploring the best practices to overcome industry implementation challenges and gaining insights on how AI is transforming manufacturing.

Details: Melissa Albeck, “Disrupting Materials Sourcing” at 6 p.m on 7th December. Please watch our short video with Melissa to hear about her expectations for the Summit.

Interested in attending? Read more about the event and book your tickets now.

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