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May Platform Update – Data Visualisation Makes an Entrance

Matmatch platform for materials search - May updates 2018 - data visualisation

May has been a frantic month. But despite being slightly hamstrung by the many public holidays we’ve had here in Bavaria, we’ve also released a lot of exciting new features. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Graphs for temperature dependence of material properties
  • Social sign up/sign in
  • Improved search result table with material categories
  • New blog design (you may have noticed that already)

Continue reading to find out more, and see the newly-added changelog at the bottom of the post to learn about other updates we made in May.

Graphs come to Matmatch

That’s right, we’ve added graphs to material detail pages to display temperature dependence of material properties. More on that in a bit, but first, some background on why we have introduced this feature.

We know how important data visualisation is to our users. In fact, anyone working with numbers and data will tell you the crucial role visualisation plays in making sense of data.

The human brain is not generally able to turn large sets of raw data into meaningful insights, at least not at a glance. When visualised, however, it is possible to spot patterns and anomalies much more easily. Take the simple example below, showing the temperature in 142 cities around the world on 1 June 2018:

Raw data (just a sample – there are more data points not shown):

raw data compared to visualised data in graphs

Visual representation:

In which example did you find it easiest to find the warmest and coolest places? While it is possible to do with the raw data, you need to look at each data point individually. When the data is viewed in a scatter plot, it takes just seconds to pick out Kuwait City and Riyadh as the warmest places, and La Paz as the coolest.

Now the preamble is over, I’ll get to the point. The graphs we have introduced show how certain material properties change at different temperatures. For example, the yield strength of VDM Alloy 718 is 1060MPa at 100°C but is reduced to 640MPa at 800°C. Now displayed in a graph, this kind of information is much more digestible than it was before, when the data was simply shown in a table.

Matmatch data visualisation - graphs - platform update may 2018

This marks our first publicly-released data visualisation feature, but we are already working on more behind the scenes. As ever, we also want to hear from you, our users, so get in touch by emailing if you have feedback or suggestions.

Social sign up/sign in

We’re pleased to introduce the ability to sign up/sign in using LinkedIn and Google, which makes creating an account easier than ever.

These days, it can be difficult managing your online accounts. Do you even remember how many different websites you’ve signed up for? For me, it’s more than 200 – and those are just the ones I’ve saved in my password manager since I started using it last year.

But with social sign up/sign in on Matmatch, both the process of signing up for an account and signing in is easier than ever. Use your LinkedIn or Google account and you’ll have one less password to remember in the future, plus you can sign in again in seconds.

If you don’t have a Matmatch account yet, give it a try now.

social signup feature - may 2018 platform update

Improved search result table

Here’s another improvement we’ve made based on user feedback. It may seem like a small change, but we believe it’s a useful one. You can now see the category each material belongs to in the search results:

Matmatch platform update may 2018 data visualisation

Users told us that they often didn’t know which category a material belonged to just by looking at its name. As a result, finding the right material could take longer as they had to check each material individually to find out this information.

Now, though, you can quickly see the different types of materials directly from the search results page and narrow down your chosen one more quickly.

New blog design

We couldn’t leave without mentioning the new blog design – which by now we hope you’ve noticed!

We have introduced a cleaner look with many small improvements that make the blog a nicer place to be. We’ve also made it easier to discover new content and added links to our social networks. Go ahead and follow us if you haven’t done so already.

Changelog – additional updates

This is a new addition to our update blog where we simply list some of the other important changes we’ve made. If you’re interested in finding out more about any of them, you can get in touch at

  • Changes to terms and processes to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Added a fixed width to focus on the devices that matters
  • Improved inbound communication to provide better leads to suppliers
  • Stability and performance related improvements
  • Improved support for Microsoft IE 11 and Edge

Try new features now and we would love to hear your feedback!

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