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Portuguese Ferroalloys Conference Attracts Hundreds of Industry Experts

Portugal’s capital city Lisbon is gearing up to host the 33rd International Ferroalloys Conference from the 19th to 21st November 2017. The venue for the largest convention on the international ferroalloys market in Europe is the Corinthia Lisboa Hotel. Delegates and experts are expected to arrive from fifty countries and will represent hundreds of companies, among them stainless steel, carbon steel and specialty steel mills, alloy smelters, ore producing companies, insurers, traders and financiers.

Topics for Discussion

Six hundred experts will be confronted with some of the biggest questions in the field. China’s push for environmental relief has impacted the supply and performance of ferroalloys on the commodities market as inspectors from the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection perform rigid checks for pollution in top factories, forcing several industry leaders to close down entirely or suspend manufacturing of steel and aluminum, among others. Added to this are other challenges in the southeast Asian political realm. How these developments and challenges will affect pricing, operations, import and export in the future will be a keynote topic. Other topics include the future purchase and production of stainless steel and carbon, digitalization within the ferroalloys market, and the ferroalloys chrome, manganese, nickel, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium and ferrosilicon.

Speakers, Sponsors and Steel Mills

Some of the speakers lined up to present their projects and advancements in the ferroalloys space include Markus Moll from SMR, Michael Widmer from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Alina Racu from Nornickel, Johan Kriek from Tschipi e Ntle Manganese Mining and Ines Van Lierde from Euroalliages, the Association of European Ferro-Alloy Producers. Sponsors and media partners include the American trading house CCMA, Brazilian private company CBMM, Euro-Rijn from the Netherlands and the global vanadiam organization Vanitec.

More than 75 steel mills have registered to participate in the 2017 conference, among them Tata Steel, operating in India, Europe and South East Asia, Aperam Sourcing, active in South American and Europe, the German-based SHS Services, the UK-based Liberty Speciality Steels and the Erdemir Group from Turkey.

Social Events and Opportunities for Networking

On the social side, engaging events are planned for this year’s ferroalloys conference, including a deals and diamonds party, a running club, a women’s breakfast meeting and a football tournament. Delegates are encouraged to engage for the entire duration of the conference through a live polling system, and industry leaders will make themselves available to delegates for roundtable sessions, rapid response panels and key trend panels. Delegates can interact throughout the conference using a web app to make contact with participants, see presentation content and follow the live agenda.

The South African Summit

The 33rd International Ferroalloys Conference will be followed by the South African Ferroalloys Summit on the 21st November in the afternoon. Due to increased demand for content related to the South African ferroalloy market, the afternoon will be dedicated to discussion by and with key experts on topics such as energy expenses, price depression, the impact of technology and promotion in the region.

What’s Next?

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