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Matmatch: Explore the Most Comprehensive Database in the World


Update: Matmatch launched on 20th September. Read our launch blog for more information.

In a world where information is so widely available and accessible, we still struggle to find the very basic knowledge that helps us identify the most relevant materials for the products we are creating. It is spread out across numerous online sources, buried in design handbooks or locked behind the paywalls of private databases. Matmatch is here to change that.

Explore the most comprehensive database in the world

We have gathered and analysed material data from hundreds of sources, so now you can search using hundreds of criteria, from temperature dependency to application to mechanical properties.

Never miss out on finding a better material

Use our smart search and comparison engine to see how materials match up at a glance, compare performance and price and explore relevant alternatives, recommended by your peers or suppliers.

Direct link to the best suppliers

We have all of the background information you need, from peer reviews to certifications, to quickly select the best supplier globally and connect immediately.

Matmatch will launch in September 2017. In the meantime make sure to sign up for early access and follow us for regular updates and material news.