Amdry MM509 series Superalloy Powder for Braze Repair

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similar to Mar M 509, Amdry MM509, Amdry MM509-C
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Amdry™ nickel and cobalt superalloy powders were developed as complimentary additives for Metco ADB (Activated Diffusion Braze) filler metals, such as Amdry DF-3, DF-4B, DF-6A or BRB, for crack repair and surface restoration. These superalloy products are produced by a dry gas atomization process to assure consistency, purity and conformity to rigid industrial, aerospace and military specifications.

Regardless of the base material that required brazing or repair, the wide range of Metco superalloy powders ensures the right choice and availability.

Metco superalloy products are produced and available as powders. While blending is typically performed by the customer, any ratios desired can be pre-blended for you by Oerlikon Metco. The powders can be delivered pre-blended with braze alloy powders for use with cements or gels. The blends can also be converted to paste, braze tape or braze preforms for a more precise and cost-effective method of application.

Amdry superalloy products do not contain temperature suppressants. Therefore, they are designed not to melt during the braze process, but to form a matrix within the braze joint that is metallurgically compatible with the substrate material.

The materials Amdry MM509 and Amdry MM509-C of this product family differ primarily in their particle size distribution.

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Ashby charts





5 - 125 µm

Show Supplier Material materials with Partikelgrößenbereich of 5 - 125 µm

Amdry MM509: -45 +5µm, Amdry MM509-C: -125 +45µm

Chemical properties



0.52 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Andere of 0.52 %



22.5 - 24.25 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Chrom of 22.5 - 24.25 %




0.55 - 0.65 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Kohlenstoff of 0.55 - 0.65 %


9 - 11 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Nickel of 9 - 11 %


3 - 4 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Tantal of 3 - 4 %


0.15 - 0.3 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Titan of 0.15 - 0.3 %


6.5 - 7.5 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Wolfram of 6.5 - 7.5 %


0.3 - 0.6 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Zirkonium of 0.3 - 0.6 %

Technological properties

Application areas

Blended in various ratios with ADB braze filler metals for crack repair and surface restoration on superalloy turbine airfoils and other turbine components. General repair and restoration of superalloy-based components. Blended in various ratios with standard braze filler to form excellent wide-gap filler metals.



Chemical composition

Co 24Cr 10Ni 7W 3.5Ta 0.6C



Handling recommendations

Store in the original, closed container in a dry location and Tumble contents prior to use to prevent segregation.



Order number

Amdry MM509: 1002099, Amdry MM509-C: 1059330


Amdry MM509-C may be preferred to MM509 when brazing larger cracks or gap sizes.

Packaging size

Amdry MM509: 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg), Amdry MM509-C: 10 lb (approx. 4.5 kg)

Processing history

Gas Atomized

Processing methods


Safety data sheet SDS No. 50-1023