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CTPP535 (PVD coated carbide)



An innovative PVD AlTiN-based high-performance layer is applied to both grade CTPP520 and CTPP535. The low layer thickness and extremely high layer hardness enable performance to be enhanced, even in the case of low cutting depths and cutting edge loads, such as when turning threads. Another outstanding characteristic is their suitability for materials that are difficult to machine from the super alloy and stainless steels subsegment.

Primary standard name

Equivalent standard names



Grain structure

Fine grain size (of hard metal base material)

Layer system



Flexural strength σbend

4000 MPa at 20 °C

DIN EN ISO 7438 (of hard metal base material)

Fracture toughness KIC

5.7 - 29 MPa·√m at 20 °C

of hard metal base material

Hardness, Vickers, 30 HV 30

1600 [-] at 20 °C

of hard metal base material

Chemical properties


Weight %




WC balance


10.3 %


1.2 %

Technological properties

Application areas

The tough thread-turning grade for universal application.


The new PVD coating process, which is used for the CTPP520 and CTPP535 grades, boasts a number of technical advantages over the conventional PVD process. For example, the surface quality is many times higher, while the tendency for droplets to form is reduced considerably. What is more, the layer thickness along the cutting edge is purposefully kept constant. In conventional PVD coating processes, the thicknesses differ depending on the position of the tool in the coating chamber.

This material data has been provided by Ceratizit.

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