PE COMPOUND 0-11/051

Alternative and trade names
COMPOUND 0-11/051
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Compound 0-11 is a black colored granular product, which is a polyolefin composition of polyethylene chemically modified with silane. It is applied together with a catalyst concentrate of Compound 0-51 water crosslinking.

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Ashby charts





23.0 °C

0.94 - 0.95 g/cm³

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GOST R MEK 60811-1-3




23.0 °C

350 %

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GOST R MEK 60811-1-1

Tensile strength

23.0 °C

13 MPa

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GOST R MEK 60811-1-1

Rheological Properties


Melt mass-flow rate

0.25 g/10min

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GOST 11645, 190°С/2.16kg

Technological properties

Application areas

Cable insulation.

Processing methods

1. It is preferable to use single screw extruders with a barrier screw with a compression index of 5.66. Temperature profile for extruder heating zones: Zone 1: 130°С, Zone 2: 140°С, Zone 3: 155°С, Zone 4: 170°С, Die plate: 170°С 2. Crosslinking time in a water bath with a temperature of 90°C is calculated considering the fact that water penetrates the thickness of the insulation from one side. For calculation use the table data: (a) Insulation thickness 1,0 mm-Crosslinking time 150 min, (b) Insulation thickness 0,5-M,5 mm-Crosslinking time 13500 min.