Atactic Polypropylene Waxy Solid (PP306305)

Alternative and trade names
Atactic Polypropylene Waxy Solid (PP306305)


Atactic polypropylene (APP) is an amorphous, soft rubbery thermoplastic material which has the appearance of a viscous waxy paste. It is mostly used as a modifier in bitumen and adhesives.



Brookfield viscosity η‎‎b

240 Pa·s at 149 °C

Density ρ

0.85 g/cm³ at 20 °C

Molar mass M

12000 g/mol


Flash point Tflash

149 °C

Vicat softening temperature Tsoft

121 °C


Refractive index nd

1.47 [-]

Technological properties


Soluble in: Chlorinated hydrocarbons, diethyl ether, hydrocarbons, isoamyl acetate, toluene; Insoluble in more polar organic solvents with small hydrocarbon groups even at elevated temperatures.

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