Nitinol is a shape memory alloy. Nitinol has two unique properties, the shape memory and the superelasticity. These properties are resulting from the phase transformation of its crystal structure. The transformation is occuring when temperature is applied. Specifically, at lower temperatures the crystal structure is martensitic (weak form) and at higher temperatures austenitic (stronger than martensitic). Moreover, the martensitic structure can be found at higher temperatures where stress forces are applied.

The mechanical properties of Nitinol are changing with applied stresses and small changes in temperature.



Density ρ

6.5 g/cm³ at 20 °C


Melting point Tm

1310 °C

Chemical properties


Weight %



55 - 56 %

Technological properties

Application areas

Blood clot filters, cryogenic coupling rings, proportional control valves, orthodontic correction

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