SABIC® PP 514M12

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SABIC® PP 514M12 is a Polypropylene homopolymer grade with high Melt Flow (final Melt Flow >1000 g/10 min) for Melt Blown Nonwoven. SABIC® PP 514M12 encompasses the following features: • Very high final Melt Flow >1000 g/10 min • Very narrow molecular weight distribution (MWD) • This product contains no peroxides. • Available in a pelletized form • Offers very good processability for melt-blown fibers with high levels of drawability, spinnability and uniformity.

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Ashby charts





23.0 °C

0.91 g/cm³

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ASTM D1505



Melting point

158 - 160 °C

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ASTM D3418

Rheological Properties


Melt mass-flow rate

1200 g/10min

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SABIC method | 230°C/2.16 kg