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SABIC INP 984 is a 45% polybutyl acrylate rubber grafted weatherable ASA modifier resin. Provides excellent impact, heat distortion and weatherability properties. Maintains polymer properties in UV and thermal environments. Toughens compatible rigid polymers without additional impact modification. Expands the use temperature window of compounds. Offers compatibility with many polar polymers. Improve UV resistance when blended with less stable polymers. SABIC INP984 is well suited to produce good weatherability in rigid polymer applications. Can be effectively alloyed with PVC and other miscible thermoplastics in molded, extruded or calendered applications to provide improved heat distortion

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All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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Ashby charts




Bulk density

23.0 °C

0.26 g/cm³

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ASTM D 1895


23.0 °C

1.06 g/cm³

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ASTM D 792



Hardness, Shore D

23.0 °C

65 [-]

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ASTM D 2240