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COLSIBRO® Copper Alloy

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2.0855 (CuNi2Si) is a precipitation hardening copper nickel silicon that offers a remarkable blend of physical and mechanical attributes unrivalled by many other grades of copper alloy. Colsibro® is a high copper alloy with small additions of nickel and silicon, which combine to increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the material, while retaining many of the physical benefits of copper itself. It shows the following features and properties:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance, surpassing many copper alloys, with complete freedom from stress corrosion
  • High strength and hardness
  • Very good wear resistance and bearing properties
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivities compared to most non-ferrous alloys
  • Outstanding cryogenic properties and an exceptionally low magnetic permeability
  • Complete freedom from hydrogen embrittlement
  • Spark resistance
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    Ashby charts





    23.0 °C

    8.87 g/cm³

    Show Material materials with Density of 8.87 g/cm³




    23.0 °C

    10 %

    Show Material materials with Elongation of 10 %

    Hardness, Brinell

    23.0 °C

    155 - 180 [-]

    Show Material materials with Hardness, Brinell of 155 - 180 [-]

    Tensile strength

    23.0 °C

    550 - 640 MPa

    Show Material materials with Tensile strength of 550 - 640 MPa

    Yield strength Rp0.2

    23.0 °C

    430 - 590 MPa

    Show Material materials with Yield strength Rp0.2 of 430 - 590 MPa



    Coefficient of thermal expansion

    23.0 °C

    1.6E-5 1/K

    Show Material materials with Coefficient of thermal expansion of 1.6E-5 1/K

    for 0-400°C

    Melting point

    1040 - 1060 °C

    Show Material materials with Melting point of 1040 - 1060 °C

    Thermal conductivity

    23.0 °C

    160 W/(m·K)

    Show Material materials with Thermal conductivity of 160 W/(m·K)



    Electrical conductivity

    23.0 °C

    2.03E+7 S/m

    Show Material materials with Electrical conductivity of 2.03E+7 S/m

    Specific Electrical conductivity

    35 % IACS

    Show Material materials with Specific Electrical conductivity of 35 % IACS



    Relative magnetic permeability

    23.0 °C

    1 [-]

    Show Material materials with Relative magnetic permeability of 1 [-]

    Chemical properties





    1.6 - 2.2 %

    Show Material materials with Nickel of 1.6 - 2.2 %


    0.4 - 0.8 %

    Show Material materials with Silicon of 0.4 - 0.8 %

    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Automotive: Valve guides, valve seats, gears, rocker and little end bushes or internal combustion engines requiring extreme performance;Offshore & marine: Fasteners, valves, choke stems, down-hole tooling, cryogenic storage tanks and pump bodies;Electrical: current-carrying electrical components such as slip rings, squirrel cages, springs, rotary switch contacts, contact blades, short-circuit rings and heavy duty switchgear;Other: Non-magnetic instrument components and spark-resistant safety tooling

    Cold Forming

    It can be cold formed

    Corrosion properties

    Excellent corrosion resistance

    General machinability

    Easily machined

    Hot forming

    It can be hot formed