Cobalt Chromium Tungsten Silicon Carbon Alloy Powder

Alternative and trade names
similar to Stellite 6 (Stellite is a registered trademark of Kennametal Inc.), Metco 1220A, Metco 1220B, Metco 1220C, Diamalloy™ 4060NS
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Oerlikon Metco’s CoCr[NiWSi]C products are inert gas atomized powders that are chemically homogeneous, exhibit minimal satellites and are freely flowing. They are designed and provide excellent results for a variety of applications such as laser cladding, thermal spray and PTA. These materials form coatings that are appropriate for wear and corrosion resistance in relatively high-temperature service conditions.

Metco 1220 series and Diamalloy 4060NS have chemical compositions similar to that of Stellite 6. Metco 1220 series materials are designed for laser cladding, whereas Diamalloy 4060NS is designed for HVOF applications.

The materials Metco 1220A, Metco 1220B, Metco 1220C and Diamalloy™ 4060NS of this material family differ primarily in their particle size distribution.

This material data has been provided by Oerlikon Metco.

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Particle size range

11 - 150 µm

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Metco 1220A -150 +53µm, Metco 1220B -106 +45µm, Metco 1220C -53 +20µm, Diamalloy™ 4060NS -45 +11µm



Melting point

1260 - 1357 °C

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Chemical properties



1.08 %

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28.5 %

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3 %

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0.5 %

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1.6 %

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4.5 %

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Technological properties



Chemical composition




Handling recommendations

Store in the original container in a dry location; Tumble contents prior to use to prevent segregation. Open containers should be stored in a drying oven to prevent moisture pickup.



Order number

Metco 1220A: 1301056, Metco 1220B: 1301057, Metco 1220C: 1301058, Diamalloy™ 4060NS: 10 lb (approx. 4.5 kg) 1037003; 5 kg (approx. 11 lb): 1300203


Deposits have good resistance to seizing, galling and cavitation over a wide temperature range, and combat adhesive, abrasive or erosive wear combined with corrosion at relatively high temperatures. They provide good thermal oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1000°C (1800 °F). Deposits resist oxidizing acids, but perform poorly in strong reducing acids such as hydrochloric with the degree of resistance dependant on the acidic concentration and temperature. Self-mating surfaces exhibit a very low coefficient of friction (≈ 0.12). Choose Metco 1220A or Metco 1220B for laser cladding deposits of standard thickness. Choose Metco 1220C for deposits as thin as 0.5 mm (0.02 in). Its finer particle size distribution can save processing time and cost, as the time to grind to dimension is reduced. Diamalloy 4060NS is used as a general restoration and repair material when compatibility with Stellite 6 is desired. When applied using HVOF, it forms dense, wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant coatings that may be used for turbine hot section applications such as combustion liners

Packaging size

Metco 1220A: 5 kg (approx. 11 lb), Metco 1220B: 5 kg (approx. 11 lb), Metco 1220C: 5 kg (approx. 11 lb), Diamalloy™ 4060NS: 5 kg (approx. 11 lb), 10 lb (approx. 4.5 kg)

Processing history

Gas atomized

Processing methods

Metco 1220A: Laser Cladding, PTA; Metco 1220B: Atmospheric Plasma Spray, Laser Cladding, PTA, Brazing; Metco 1220C: Atmospheric Plasma Spray, Laser Cladding; Diamalloy™ 4060NS: HVOF, Atmospheric Plasma Spray, Combustion Powder Thermospray

Safety data sheet SDS No. 50-2247, 50-505