MetcoClad™ 316L-SI Austenitic Stainless Steel Powder for Laser Cladding

Alternative and trade names
similar to AISI Type 316L, UNS S31603
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MetcoClad™ 316L-SI is a gas atomized, nickel chromium stainless steel powder suitable for use with the laser cladding process. It is an austenitic-type stainless steel, similar to AISI Type 316L (UNS S31603), with a low carbon content that desensitizes the clad deposit to eliminate grain boundary carbide precipitation.

When applied using laser cladding, the properties are similar to, or better than, that of the bulk material because of the refined microstructure and low dilution during cladding. The clad offers good impact resistance at elevated temperatures and corrosion resistance in chloride environments. Molybdenum ensures good pitting and crevice resistance.

Silicon levels in MetcoClad 316L-SI are higher than AISI Type 316L. The higher silicon content acts as a fluxing agent that produces cleaner clad deposits. Please note that cladding parameters may have to be adjusted to accommodate the higher silicon content.

MetcoClad 316L-SI is recommended for corrosion overlay deposits on components used in the oil, gas and marine industries.

This material data has been provided by Oerlikon Metco.

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Bulk density

23.0 °C

4 - 4.5 g/cm³

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apparent density

Particle size range

44 - 106 µm

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MetcoClad™ 316L-SI: -106 +44µm: +106µm 5%, -106 +44µm: 90%, -44µm max: 5%



Max service temperature

900 °C

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Chemical properties



0.03 %

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17 %

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1 %

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2.5 %

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12 %

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0.5 %

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2.3 %

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Technological properties

Application areas

Typically used for laser cladding and laser-additive manufacturing applications, including: Heavy equipment, Food equipment exposed to chloride environments, Medical implants, Hydraulic pumps and turbines, Roll covers for printing machinery, Shafts in marine applications, Repair and build up of steel parts


Special Order

Chemical composition

Fe 12Ni 17Cr 2.3Mo 2.3Si 1Mn 0.03C



Handling recommendations

Store in the original container in a dry location; Tumble contents prior to use to prevent segregation; Open containers should be stored in a drying oven to prevent moisture pickup.



Order number



MetcoClad 316L-SI is recommended for laser cladding or laser-additive manufacturing applications where deposits exhibiting the following characteristics are desired: Corrosion resistance in marine environments, Resistance to pitting and cavitation, Creep and stress rupture at elevated temperatures MetcoClad 316L-SI can also be used for repair or buildup of steel parts.

Packaging size

5 kg (approx. 11 lb)

Processing history

Gas atomized

Processing methods

Laser Cladding, Additive Manufacturing

Safety data sheet SDS No. 50-1600