Nickel Chromium Superalloy Atomized Thermal Spray Powder (similar to Inconel 625)

Alternative and trade names
similar to Inconel 625 (Inconel is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corp.), Amdry 625, Diamalloy 1005, Diamalloy 1005A
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Oerlikon Metco’s nickel-chromium based superalloy powders produce dense, self-bonding, single-step coatings that are oxidation and corrosion resistant at elevated temperatures.

Their compositions are similar to Inconels, thus the coatings have excellent high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance for restoration and repair of superalloy components. They are also recommended as overlay coatings to protect less noble materials from oxidation.

The coatings exhibit high tensile bond strength and thickness limits exceeding 1.5 - 2.5 mm (0.06 - 0.1 in) when sprayed with liquid-fuel or gas-fuel HVOF guns, depending on part geometry. The coatings can be machined, milled, drilled and tapped without chipping and excellent edge retention.

The materials Amdry 625, Diamalloy 1005 and Diamalloy 1005A of this material family differ primarily in their particle size distribution and are all manufactured via gas atomization.

This material data has been provided by Oerlikon Metco.

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Particle size range

11 - 90 µm

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Amdry 625: -90 +45µm, Diamalloy 1005: -45 +11µm, Diamalloy 1005A: -53 +20µm



Max service temperature

982 °C

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Chemical properties



21.5 %

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2.5 %

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9 %

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Niobium + Tantalum

3.7 %

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Technological properties

Application areas

Repair and restoration of mis-machined and worn superalloy components, Gas turbine components, Chemical processing equipment, Pollution control equipment, Pump bodies, Extrusion dies, Rocket engine components



Chemical composition

Ni 21.5Cr 2.5Fe 9Mo 3.7(Nb+Ta)



Handling recommendations

Store in the original container in a dry location; Tumble contents gently prior to use to prevent segregation; Open containers should be stored in a drying oven to prevent moisture pickup; Remove desiccant prior to use, if applicable.



Order number

Amdry 625:1001045, Diamalloy 1005: 1000784, Diamalloy 1005A: 1085778


Designed for restoration of worn or mismatched components of Inconel 625 or similar substrates. These materials have identical chemical compositions and are similar in chemical composition to Inconel 625, which has a typical bulk service temperature up to 982 °C (1800 °F). The materials differ primarily in their particle size distribution. Amdry 625 is sized for plasma spray. Diamalloy 1005 and Diamalloy 1005A are sized for HVOF. For better deposition efficiency using liquid-fuel HVOF, Diamalloy 1005A is recommended.

Packaging size

Amdry 625: 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg), Diamalloy 1005: 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg), Diamalloy 1005A: 10 lb (approx. 4.5 kg)

Processing history

Gas atomized

Processing methods

Atmospheric Plasma Spray or HVOF

Safety data sheet SDS No. 50-310