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GB 2270 Grade 1Cr13

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Equivalent standards

GB 4239 Grade 1Cr12 GOST 5632 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 7350 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 19442 Grade 12Kh13 More GOST 19442 Grade 12Kh13-Sh GOST 4986 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 5582 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 5949 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 18907 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 18968 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 18968 Grade 12Kh13-Sh GOST 25054 Grade 12Kh13 GOST 977 Grade 15Kh13L AS 1449 Grade 410 AS 2837 Grade 410 BDS 9631 Grade 1Ch13L CSN 417021 Grade 17021 DIN 1654-5 Grade X10Cr13 DIN 17440 Grade X10Cr13 DIN 17441 Grade X10Cr13 DIN 17456 Grade X10Cr13 SEW 470 Grade X12CrNi2521 EURONORM 88-1 Grade X10Cr13 EURONORM 88-2 Grade X10Cr13 EURONORM 95 Grade X10Cr13 EURONORM 119 Grade X12Cr13KD SFS 385 Grade G-X12Cr13 NF A32-056 Grade Z12C13 NF A35-574 Grade Z10C13 BS Grade 1503 BS Grade 1506 BS Grade 1554 BS Grade 3100 BS Grade 970-1 BS Grade 1449-2 MSZ 4360 Grade KO2 UNI 6904 Grade X12Cr13 UNI 6901 Grade X12Cr13 UNI 6942 Grade X10Cr13 UNI 7660 Grade X12Cr13KG UNI 7660 Grade X12Cr13KW EN 10088-1 Grade X12Cr13 EN 10088-2 Grade X12Cr13 EN 10088-3 Grade X12Cr13 EN 10095 Grade X8CrNi25-21 EN 10272 Grade X12Cr13 PN 86020 Grade 1H13 STAS 6855 Grade T15Cr130 STAS 3583 Grade 12C130 STAS 3583 Grade 10Cr130 UNE 36016-1 Grade X10Cr13 UNE 36016-2 Grade X10Cr13 SIS 142302 Grade 2302 AMS 5521 Grade 310S AMS 5572 Grade 310S AMS 5577 Grade 310S AMS 5651 Grade 310S AMS 7490 Grade 310S ASME SA240 Grade 310S ASME SA479 Grade 310S ASTM A213 Grade TP310S ASTM A276 Grade 310S ASTM A312 Grade TP310S ASTM A943 Grade TP310S ASTM A959 Grade 310S ASTM A249 Grade TP310S ASTM A409 Grade TP310S ASTM A511 Grade MT310S ASTM A554 Grade MT310S ASTM A813 Grade TP310S ASTM A814 Grade TP310S ASTM A167 Grade 310S ASTM A240 Grade 310S ASTM A580 Grade 310S ASTM A314 Grade 310S ASTM A473 Grade 310S ASTM A479 Grade 310S FEDERAL QQ-S-763 UNS Grade J91150 UNS Grade J91151 UNS Grade S31008 STN 417021 Grade 17021 JIS G4307 Grade SUS410 JIS G4303 Grade SUS410 JIS G4304 Grade SUS410 JIS G4308 Grade SUS410 JIS G4309 Grade SUS410 JIS G4315 Grade SUS410-WSA JIS G4318 Grade SUS410 AISI 310S ISO TR Grade 15510 ISO 4954 Grade X12Cr13E ISO TR Grade 4956 ISO 4955 Grade X6CrNi25-21 EN 10250-4 Grade X12Cr13 ASTM A403 Grade CR310S ASTM A403 Grade WP310S SAE J405 Grade 310S GB/T 1220 Grade 1Cr12 GB/T 3280 Grade 1Cr12 GB/T 4237 Grade 1Cr12 GB/T 4238 Grade 1Cr12 JB/T 6405 Grade ZG15Cr13 GB 2270 Grade 1Cr13 UNS Grade J91171 GB/T 1220 Grade 1Cr13 GB/T 1221 Grade 1Cr13 GB/T 3280 Grade 1Cr13 GB/T 4232 Grade ML1Cr13 GB/T 4237 Grade 1Cr13 GB/T 4238 Grade 1Cr13 GB/T 4240 Grade 1Cr13-Q GB/T 14975 Grade 1Cr13 YB/T 5092 Grade H1Cr13 GB 4239 Grade 1Cr13 GB 4242 Grade H1Cr13 GB 12770 Grade 1Cr13 GB 4356 Grade 1Cr13 DIN 17440 Grade X15Cr13 DIN 17441 Grade X15Cr13 EURONORM 88-1 Grade X15Cr13 EURONORM 88-2 Grade X15Cr13 NF A32-056 Grade Z12C13M NF A35-573 Grade Z13C13 NF A35-574 Grade Z13C13 NF Grade Z15C13 UNE 36016-1 Grade X15Cr13 UNE 36016-2 Grade X15Cr13 MIL S-81591 Grade 420 UNS Grade J91201 JIS G4303 Grade SUS410J1 AS 2074 Grade H3A BDS 9631 Grade Ch13L CSN 422904 CSN 422905 NF A32-056 Grade Z12CN13M BS Grade 1504 MSZ 21053 Grade AoX12Cr13 UNI 3161 Grade GX12Cr13 NOM B-354 Grade CA-15 ACI CA-15 ACI CA-28MWV AMS 5351 ASTM A426 Grade CPCA15 ASTM A217 Grade CA15 ASTM A487 Grade CA15-A ASTM A487 Grade CA15M-A ASTM A743 Grade CA15 ASTM A487 Grade CA15-B ASTM A487 Grade CA15-C ASTM A487 Grade CA15-D MIL S-16993 Grade Class MIL S-81591 Grade 410 UNS Grade J99150 STN 422904 STN 422905 JIS G5121 Grade SCS1 GB 4242 Grade H0Cr14 GB 2270 Grade 0Cr13 GOST 5632 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 7350 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 19442 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 19442 Grade 08Kh13-Sh GOST 5582 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 5949 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 18907 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 18968 Grade 08Kh13 GOST 18968 Grade 08Kh13-Sh GOST 25054 Grade 08Kh13 AS 1449 Grade 410S BDS 6738 Grade 0Ch13 CSA G110.9 Grade 430A CSA G110.3 Grade 403 CSA G110.5 Grade 403 CSN 417020 Grade 17020 DIN 17440 Grade X6Cr13 DIN 17441 Grade X6Cr13 EURONORM 88-1 Grade X6Cr13 EURONORM 88-2 Grade X6Cr13 NF A35-572 Grade Z6C13 NF A35-573 Grade Z8C12 NF A35-577 Grade Z8C13FF BS Grade 970-4 BS Grade S.3S61 ISO 2604-2 Grade TS39 UNI 6901 Grade X6Cr13 UNI 8317 Grade X6Cr13 NOM B-83 Grade 403 NOM B-83 Grade 429 PN 83158 Grade LOH13 UNE 36257 Grade AM-X12Cr13 UNE 36016-1 Grade X6Cr13 UNE 36016-2 Grade X6Cr13 SIS 142301 Grade 2301-02 SIS 142301 Grade 2301-22 SIS 142301 Grade 2301-23 SIS 142301 Grade 2301 AMS 5611 AMS 5612 ASME SA182 Grade 429 ASTM A268 Grade TP429 ASTM A276 Grade 403 ASTM A276 Grade 429 ASTM A959 Grade 403 ASTM A182 Grade F429 ASTM A554 Grade MT429 ASTM A815 Grade WP429 ASTM A176 Grade 403 ASTM A176 Grade 429 ASTM A240 Grade 429 ASTM A493 Grade 429 ASTM A580 Grade 403 ASTM A314 Grade 429 ASTM A314 Grade 403 ASTM A473 Grade 429 ASTM A473 Grade 403 ASTM A479 Grade 403 ASTM A511 Grade MT403 ASTM A511 Grade MT429 FEDERAL QQ-S-763 Grade 429 FEDERAL QQ-S-766 Grade 429 FEDERAL QQ-W-423 Grade 429 FEDERAL QQ-S-763 Grade 403 MIL S-862B Grade 403 MIL S-862 Grade 429 MIL S-861 Grade 403 MIL S-862 Grade 403 UNS Grade S40300 UNS Grade S42900 STN 417020 Grade 17020 JIS G4307 Grade SUS403 JIS G4307 Grade SUS410S JIS G4307 Grade SUS429 JIS G4303 Grade SUS403 JIS G4304 Grade SUS403 JIS G4304 Grade SUS410S JIS G4304 Grade SUS429 JIS G4305 Grade SUS403 JIS G4305 Grade SUS429 JIS G4318 Grade SUS403 AISI 403 YB/T 5092 Grade H0Cr14 AS 1444 Grade 410 AS G18 Grade En56A BDS 6738 Grade 1Ch13 CSA G110.3 Grade 410 CSA G110.5 Grade 410 CSA G110.9 Grade 410 EURONORM 119-5 Grade X12Cr13KD NF A35-572 Grade Z12C13 NF A35-575 Grade Z12C13 IS 6528 Grade 12Cr13 IS 6603 Grade 12Cr13 IS 6911 Grade 12Cr13 IS 6527 Grade 12Cr13 IS 6529 Grade 12Cr13 IS 6691 Grade 12Cr13 COMECON PC4-40 Grade 3 NOM B-150 Grade AE-410 NOM B-171 Grade MT410 NOM B-216 Grade TP410 NOM B-83 Grade 410 SIS 142302 Grade 2302-03 AMS 5504 Grade 410 AMS 5505 AMS 5591 AMS 5613 AMS 5776 AMS 5821 AMS 7493 ASTM A268 Grade TP410 ASTM A276 Grade 410 ASTM A336 Grade F6 ASTM A959 Grade 410 ASTM A988 Grade 13Cr ASTM A182 Grade F6a-1 ASTM A194 Grade 6 ASTM A193 Grade B6 ASTM A176 Grade 410 ASTM A240 Grade 410 ASTM A493 Grade 410 ASTM A580 Grade 410 ASTM A314 Grade 410 ASTM A473 Grade 410 ASTM A479 Grade 410 ASTM A837 Grade 410 ASTM A182 Grade F6a-2 ASTM A182 Grade F6a-3 ASTM A182 Grade F6a-4 ASTM A193 Grade B6X ASTM A511 Grade MT410 FEDERAL QQ-S-766C Grade 410 FEDERAL QQ-S-423 Grade 410 FEDERAL QQ-S-763 Grade 410 MIL S-862B Grade 410 MIL S-861 Grade 410 MIL S-862 Grade 410 UNS Grade S41000 JIS G3463 Grade SUS410TB JIS G3446 Grade SUS410TKA AISI 410 SAE J405 Grade 410 SAE J412 Grade 51410 ASTM A579 Grade 51 UNS Grade S41001 AISI S41001 GB 12770 Grade 0Cr13 GB 12771 Grade 0Cr13 GB 4239 Grade 0Cr13 CSA G110.5 Grade 410S CSA G110.9 Grade 410S MSZ 4360 Grade K01 IS 6527 Grade 04Cr13 IS 6528 Grade 04Cr13 IS 6529 Grade 04Cr13 IS 6603 Grade 04Cr13 IS 6911 Grade 04Cr13 IS Grade 6527 COMECON PC4-70 Grade 1 EN 10088-1 Grade X6Cr13 EN 10088-2 Grade X6Cr13 EN 10088-3 Grade X6Cr13 PN 86020 Grade OH13 STAS 3583 Grade 7C120 ASME SA240 Grade 410S ASTM A959 Grade 410S ASTM A176 Grade 410S ASTM A240 Grade 410S ASTM A473 Grade 410S UNS Grade S41008 JIS G4306 Grade SUS410S JIS G4305 Grade SUS410S AISI 410S ASTM A815 Grade S41008 SAE J405 Grade 410S GB/T 1220 Grade 0Cr13 GB/T 3280 Grade 0Cr13 GB/T 4237 Grade 0Cr13 GB/T 14975 Grade 0Cr13 GB/T 14976 Grade 0Cr13
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Fe 84.3849 — 87.9199
Cr 12.0 — 14.0
Mn 0.0 — 0.8
Si 0.0 — 0.6
C 0.08 — 0.15
P 0.0 — 0.035
S 0.0 — 0.03
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