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ASTM A350 Grade LF6 3

Equivalent standards

GB/T 16270 Grade Q420C GOST 19281 Grade 16G2AF GOST 19281 Grade 18G2AF GOST 8479 Grade 16G2AF More GOST 8479 Grade 18G2AF GOST 19282 Grade 16G2AF GOST 19282 Grade 18G2AF GOST 20295 Grade 16G2AF GOST 20295 Grade 18G2AF EN 10028-3 Grade P460N EN 10028-3 Grade P460NH EN 10028-3 Grade P460NL1 EN 10113-2 Grade S420N EN 10113-2 Grade S420NL BDS 4880 Grade 09G2BF DIN 17103 Grade StE420 DIN 17103 Grade TStE420 DIN 17103 Grade WStE420 DIN 17123 Grade StE420 DIN 17123 Grade TStE420 DIN 17124 Grade StE420 DIN 17124 Grade TStE420 DIN 17125 Grade StE420 DIN 17125 Grade TStE420 DIN 17178 Grade StE420 DIN 17178 Grade TStE420 DIN 17178 Grade WStE420 DIN 17179 Grade StE420 DIN 17179 Grade TStE420 DIN 17179 Grade WStE420 SEW 81 Grade StE420 SEW 81 Grade TStE420 SEW 81 Grade WStE420 EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE420KG EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE420KW EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE420KT EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE460KG EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE460KW EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE460KT EURONORM 113-3 Grade FeE420KG NF A36-201 Grade E420-IR NF A36-201 Grade E420-IFP NF A36-201 Grade E420-IIR NF A36-201 Grade E420-IIFP NF A36-201 Grade E460-IR NF A36-201 Grade E460-IFP NF A36-201 Grade E460-IIR NF A36-201 Grade E460-IIFP NF A36-204 Grade E420T-IR NF A36-204 Grade E420T-IFP NF A36-204 Grade E420T-IIR NF A36-204 Grade E420T-IIFP NF A36-204 Grade E460T-IR NF A36-204 Grade E460T-IFP NF A36-204 Grade E460T-IIR NF A36-204 Grade E460T-IIFP MSZ 6280 Grade E420D MSZ 6280 Grade E460D MSZ 6280 Grade 58C ISO 2604-8 Grade P73 ISO 4951 Grade E420DD ISO 2604-8 Grade P74 ISO 2604-8 Grade P73L ISO 2604-8 Grade P74L ISO 2604-8 Grade P73H ISO 2604-8 Grade P74H UNI 7382 Grade FeE420KG UNI 7382 Grade FeE420KW UNI 7382 Grade FeE420KT UNI 7382 Grade FeE460KG UNI 7382 Grade FeE460KW UNI 7382 Grade FeE460KT NS 12542 Grade E420CC NS 12501 Grade E420DD NS 12546 Grade E460CC NS 12501 Grade E460DD PN 84018 Grade 18G2AV UNE 36081 Grade AE SNV 210610 Grade StE43 SNV 210610 Grade StE47 SIS 142143 Grade 2143 ASTM A678 Grade B ASTM A678 Grade D ASTM A633 Grade E ASTM A737 Grade C MIL S-24113A Grade QT UNS Grade K12202 JIS G3106 Grade SM520B JIS G3106 Grade SM520C ISO 4951 Grade E420CC ISO 4951-2 Grade E420CC EN 10025-3 Grade S420N ASTM A350 Grade LF6 GB 6654 Grade 15MnVNR GB 6654 Grade 18MnMoNbR GB/T 16270 Grade Q460C DIN 17103 Grade StE460 DIN 17103 Grade TStE460 DIN 17103 Grade WStE460 DIN 17123 Grade StE460 DIN 17123 Grade TStE460 DIN 17124 Grade StE460 DIN 17124 Grade TStE460 DIN 17125 Grade StE460 DIN 17125 Grade TStE460 DIN 17178 Grade StE460 DIN 17178 Grade TStE460 DIN 17178 Grade WStE460 DIN 17179 Grade StE460 DIN 17179 Grade TStE460 DIN 17179 Grade WStE460 SEW 81 Grade StE460 SEW 81 Grade TStE460 SEW 81 Grade WStE460 ASTM A612 Grade K02900 ISO 4950-2 Grade E460DD ISO 4950-2 Grade E460E GB/T 16270 Grade Q420D ISO 4951-2 Grade E420DD EN 10025-3 Grade S420NL ISO 9328-4 Grade PL460TN ISO 9328-4 Grade PLH460TN EN 10222-4 Grade P420NH GB/T 16270 Grade Q460D EN 10273 Grade P460NH
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Fe 96.549997.6499
Mn 1.151.5
Cu 0.00.4
Ni 0.00.4
Si 0.150.3
Cr 0.00.3
C 0.00.22
Mo 0.00.12
V 0.040.11
N 0.010.03
S 0.00.025
P 0.00.025
Nb 0.00.02


Reduction of area, Z
40.00 %
Tensile strength, Rm
0—690.00 MPa
Yield strength, YS
415.00 MPa
All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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This material data has been provided by Metalinfo, Eagle International Software
This material data has been provided by MetalInfo.
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