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ASTM A387 Grade 22

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Equivalent standards

GOST 550 Grade 12Ch8 EN 10028-2 Grade 10CrMo9-10 BDS 6609 Grade 12Ch2M CSN 415313 Grade 15313 More DIN 17176 Grade 12CrMo910 SEW 590 Grade 12CrMo910 EURONORM 28 Grade 10CrMo910 EURONORM 28 Grade 11CrMo910 NF A36-206 Grade 10CD9-10 NF A36-210 Grade 12CD9-10 BS Grade 1501-2 BS Grade 1502 BS Grade 3059-2 BS Grade 3604-1 BS Grade 3606 MSZ 4747 Grade 2Cr10Mo45.47 MSZ 2295 Grade 10CrMo910 ISO 2604-4 Grade P34~ ISO 2604-2 Grade TS34 UNI 3608 Grade G14CrMoV9102 UNI 3608 Grade G14CrMo910 UNI 5462 Grade 12CrMo910 UNI 7660 Grade A12CrMo910KW UNI 7660 Grade A12CrMo910KG UNI 7660 Grade B12CrMo910KW UNI 7660 Grade B12CrMo910KG ÖNORM M3121 Grade 10CrMo910KW COPANT Grade 509 COPANT Grade 513 COPANT Grade R194 PN 84024 Grade 10H2M STAS 8184 Grade 10CrMo10 STAS 2883-3 Grade 12MoCr22 UNE Grade TU.H TS 381 Grade 10CrMo9 ASTM A213 Grade T22 ASTM A335 Grade P22 ASTM A336 Grade F22-1 ASTM A336 Grade F22-3 ASTM A369 Grade FP22 ASTM A387 Grade 22L ASTM A989 Grade Cr-Mo ASTM A182 Grade F22-1 ASTM A182 Grade F22-3 ASTM A199 Grade T22 ASTM A200 Grade T22 ASTM A250 Grade T22 ASTM A542 Grade A ASTM A542 Grade B ASTM A508 Grade 22B UNS Grade K21590 JUS C.B5.022 Grade C7401 STN 415313 Grade 15313 JIS G4109 Grade SCMV4 JIS G4110 Grade SCMQ4V JIS G3213 Grade 24A JIS G3213 Grade 24B JIS G3203 Grade SFVAF22A JIS G3203 Grade SFVAF22B JIS G5202 Grade SCPH32-CF GB 5310 Grade 12Cr2MoG DIN 17175 Grade 10CrMo910 DIN 17176 Grade 10CrMo910 DIN 17243 Grade 10CrMo910 DIN 2528 Grade 10CrMo9-10 SEW 595 Grade GS-12CrMo910 BS Grade 3100 NOM B-141 Grade W-C9 EN 10273 Grade 10CrMo9-10 UNE 36259 Grade AM16CrMo10-10 MNC 720E Grade 2224 SIS 142218 Grade 2218 ASTM A387 Grade 22 ASTM A426 Grade CP22 ASTM A217 Grade WC9 JIS G4110 Grade SCMQ4E ISO 4991 Grade C34AH
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Fe 95.0799 — 96.7499
Cr 2.0 — 2.5
Mo 0.9 — 1.1
Mn 0.3 — 0.6
Si 0.0 — 0.5
C 0.05 — 0.15
S 0.0 — 0.035
P 0.0 — 0.035



Reduction of area [ Z ]

45.00 %

Tensile strength [ Rm ]

415.00—690.00 MPa

Yield strength [ YS ]

0—207.00 MPa

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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