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GB 4172 Grade 15MnCuCr-QT

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Equivalent standards

GB/T 4172 Grade Q355NH GB 4172 Grade 15MnCuCr AS 1205 Grade WR350/2 AS 3679 Grade WR350/1 More AS 3679 Grade WR350/1L0 AS 3679 Grade WR350/2L0 AS 3679 Grade WR350/2L15 EN 10155 Grade S355J2G1W BDS 15888 Grade Korat CSN 415127 Grade 15127 CSN 415217 Grade 15217 DIN 17119 Grade WTSt52-3 SEW 87 Grade WTSt52-3 EURONORM 155 Grade Fe510D1KI EURONORM 155 Grade Fe510D2KI NF A35-502 Grade E36W-A2 NF A35-502 Grade E36W-A3 NF A35-502 Grade E36W-A4 NF A35-502 Grade E36W-B3 NF A35-502 Grade E36W-B4 BS MSZ 6259 Grade LK37D MSZ 6259 Grade LK52D PN 92149 Grade 10H PN 84017 Grade 10H PN 84017 Grade 10HAVP STAS 500-3 Grade RCB52 ASTM A588 Grade A ASTM A709 Grade 50W UNS Grade K11430 UNS Grade K12010 STN 415127 Grade 15127 STN 415217 Grade 15217 JIS G3125 Grade SPA-H JIS G3125 Grade SPA-C ISO 4952 Grade Fe355W1D ISO 4952 Grade Fe355W2C ISO 4952 Grade Fe355W2D GB 4172 Grade 15MnCuCr-QT ASTM A588 Grade C UNS Grade K11538 UNS Grade K11541 UNS Grade K11552 UNS Grade K11567 UNS Grade K12032 ASTM A588 Grade B ASTM A709 Grade 70W ASTM A852 Grade K12043 UNS Grade K12043 UNS Grade K12044 GOST 19281 Grade 15GF GOST 8479 Grade 15GF GOST 17066 Grade 15GF GOST 19282 Grade 15GF GOST 20295 Grade 15GF EN 10028-3 Grade P355N BDS 4880 Grade 10G2SFT BDS 4880 Grade 10G2SB EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE355KG EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE355KT EURONORM 113-3 Grade FeE355KG EURONORM 156 Grade Fe335A EURONORM 156 Grade Fe335D EURONORM 156 Grade Fe335E SFS 255 Grade Fe355 NF A36-201 Grade E335R NF A36-201 Grade E335FP MSZ 6280 Grade 52D ISO 4950-2 Grade E355DD ISO 2604-8 Grade HS355D UNI 7382 Grade FeE355KG UNI 7382 Grade FeE355KW NS 12536 Grade E355CC PN 84018 Grade 18G2A UNE 36081 Grade AE UNS Grade K12211 EN 10028-3 Grade P355NH EN 10028-3 Grade P355NL1 CSN 411503 Grade 11503 EURONORM 113-2 Grade FeE355KW ISO 2604-8 Grade P71H ISO 4950-2 Grade E355E ISO 2604-8 Grade P71L UNI 7382 Grade FeE355KT NS 12501 Grade E355DD PN 84018 Grade 15G2ANb STAS 9021-1 Grade OSC3555b STAS 9021-1 Grade OSC3556a ASTM A618 Grade II ASTM A714 Grade II UNS Grade K12609 STN 411503 Grade 11503 JIS G3126 Grade SLA360
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.



Tensile strength [ Rm ]

550.00 MPa

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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