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GB/T 3078 Grade 45Cr quenched, tempered

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Equivalent standards

GB/T 3077 Grade 40Cr GB/T 3077 Grade 45Cr GB/T 3078 Grade 40Cr GB/T 3079 Grade 40CrA More GB/T 5216 Grade 40CrH GB/T 5216 Grade 45CrH GB/T 6478 Grade ML40Cr GB/T 8162 Grade 40Cr GB/T 8162 Grade 45Cr GB 3088 Grade 40Cr GB 11251 Grade 40Cr GB 5067 Grade 40Cr YB 6 Grade 40Cr YB 6 Grade 40CrMn YB 6 Grade 40CrMnB GOST 4543 Grade 38KhA GOST 4543 Grade 40Kh GOST 4543 Grade 40KhGTR GOST 8479 Grade 38KhA GOST 8479 Grade 40Kh GOST 8479 Grade 40KhGTR GOST 11269 Grade 21Kh2NMFA GOST 11269 Grade 21Kh2NVFA GOST 1577 Grade 38KhA GOST 1577 Grade 40Kh GOST 977 Grade 40KhL GOST 1414 Grade A40ChE GOST 7832 Grade 40ChL AS G18 Grade En18 AS 1440 Grade 5140 AS 1444 Grade 5140 AS G18 Grade En18D NBN 253-02 Grade 41Cr4 NBN 251 Grade 41Cr4 NBN 6354 Grade 40Ch EN 10083-1 Grade 41Cr4 BDS 6354 Grade 40CrMnTi BDS 6354 Grade 40Ch DIN 1652-4 Grade 41Cr4 DIN 1654-4 Grade 41Cr4 DIN 17204 Grade 41Cr4 DIN 17212 Grade 42Cr4 EURONORM 119-4 Grade 41Cr4KD EURONORM 83 Grade 41Cr4 EURONORM 119-3 Grade 41Cr4KD NF A35-557 Grade 32C4 NF A35-552 Grade 42C4 NF A35-556 Grade 42C4 NF A35-552 Grade 45C4 NF A35-557 Grade 42C4 BS Grade 970-1 MSZ 8272 Grade Ao40Cr MSZ 61 Grade Cr3 MSZ 61 Grade Cr3E MSZ 6251 Grade Cr3Z MSZ 12043 Grade CrVhV IS 4367 Grade 40Cr1 IS 5517 Grade 40Cr1 IS 1570 Grade 40Cr1 UNI 5332 Grade 40Cr4 UNI 7356 Grade 41Cr4KB UNI 7845 Grade 41Cr4 UNI 7874 Grade 41Cr4 UNI 6403 Grade 41Cr4 NOM B-203 Grade 5140 NOM B-297 Grade 5140 NOM B-300 Grade 5140 NOM B-300 Grade 5140H COPANT Grade 334 COPANT Grade 514 PN 83156 Grade L40H PN 84030-04 Grade 40H STAS 791 Grade 40BCr10 STAS 791 Grade 40Cr10 STAS 9382-4 Grade 40BCr10q STAS 9382-4 Grade 40Cr10q UNE 36012 Grade 42Cr4 UNE 36012 Grade 42Cr4-1 UNE 36034 Grade 8Cr4DF UNE 36034 Grade 41Cr4DF SIS 142245 Grade 2245 ASTM A29 Grade 5140 ASTM A519 Grade 5140 ASTM A506 Grade 5140 ASTM A752 Grade 5140 ASTM A322 Grade 5140 ASTM A866 Grade 5140 UNS Grade G51400 JUS C.B9.021 Grade C4184 JUS C.B9.021 Grade C4131 JUS C.B9.022 Grade C4137 JIS G4052 Grade SCr440H JIS G4104 Grade SCr440 AISI 5140 ISO 683-1 Grade 41Cr4 ISO 683-18 Grade 41Cr4 ISO 4954 Grade 41Cr4E ISO 4954 Grade 41Cr4EH ISO 4954 Grade 41Cr4EHH ISO 4954 Grade 41Cr4EHL ISO 4954 Grade 41Cr4ECH SAE J404 Grade 5140 GB/T 3078 Grade 45Cr NBN 253-02 Grade 46Cr2 EURONORM 83 Grade 46Cr2 EURONORM 119-3 Grade 46Cr2KD NF A35-552 Grade 42C2 NF A35-552 Grade 45C2 NF A35-557 Grade 42C2 ASTM A304 Grade 5140H UNS Grade H51400 JUS C.B9.021 Grade C4133 AISI 5140H SAE J1268 Grade 5140H
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Cr 0.8 — 1.1
Mn 0.5 — 0.8
C 0.42 — 0.49
Si 0.17 — 0.37
Cu 0.0 — 0.3
Ni 0.0 — 0.3
S 0.0 — 0.035
P 0.0 — 0.035



Hardness, Brinell [ HB ]

229.00 [-]

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.

Technological properties

Processing history
quenched, tempered
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