EN 1653 Grade Cu-DHP 1/2 hard



Cu-DHP, mat. No CW024A, is a phosphoric pure copper grade. To the comparable DIN-mark SF-Cu, mat. No 2.0090 acc. to DIN 1787 applies: The material is a deoxidized copper with Cu >= 99,9% and a high residual copper-content. Tensile strength and Brinell hardness are increasable by cold forming. SF-Cu (Cu-DHP) is hydrogen resistant and shows the lowest thermal and electrical conductivity of the pure copper materials. Processing properties: hot forming: very good cold forming: very good machinability: unfavorable hard soldering: very good soft soldering: very good gas-shielded welding: very good burnishing: very good Application: SF-Cu is the most important copper-grade for pipes due to its very good soldering and welding properties. Further application in apparatus engineering and construction trade. For the electrolytically tinned strip the coatings (Sn bright, Sn matt, Sn fuzed, SnPb) are listed by the application (better solderability, better corrosion resistance, reduction of the electrical contact resistance, better appearance) in the DIN EN 14436 : 2004-11 (Table 5)

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Density ρ

8.94 g/cm³ at 20 °C


Elongation A

0 - 30 % at 20 °C

Hardness, Vickers, 5 HV 5

75 - 100 [-] at 20 °C

Tensile strength Rm

0 - 250 MPa at 20 °C


Coefficient of thermal expansion α

16.8 1/K at 100 °C

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Specific heat capacity cp

0.01 J/(kg·K) at -253 °C

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Thermal conductivity λ

305 W/(m·K) at 20 °C

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Electrical conductivity σel

43 S/m at 20 °C

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Electrical resistivity ρel

0.02 Ω·m at 20 °C

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Chemical properties


Weight %



0.02 - 0.04 %


0 - 99.9 %

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