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1/8-Hard AISI 304N

Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Fe 65.773.9
Cr 18.020.0
Ni 8.011.0
Mn 0.02.0
Si 0.01.0
C 0.00.08
P 0.00.045
S 0.00.03


Electrical conductivity, σ
1.39E+7 S/m
General information
Density, ρ
7.80 g/cm³
Elastic modulus, E
200.00 GPa
Elongation, A
43.00 %
Tensile strength, Rm
790.00 MPa
Yield strength, YS
440.00 MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion, α
1.3E-5 1/K
Specific heat capacity, cp
500.00 J/(kg·K)
Thermal conductivity, λ
15.00 W/(m·K)
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