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Chemical composition

Element Weight %
Al 99.5 — 100.0
Fe 0.4
Si 0.25
Mg 0.05
Mn 0.05
Cu 0.05
Zn 0.05
V 0.05
Ti 0.03


General information

Density [ ρ ]

2.70 g/cm³


Elastic modulus [ E ]

69.00 GPa

Tensile strength [ Rm ]

140.00 MPa


Coefficient of thermal expansion [ α ]

2.4E-5 1/K

Melting point [ Tm ]

650 °C

Specific heat capacity [ cp ]

900.00 J/(kg·K)

Thermal conductivity [ λ ]

230.00 W/(m·K)

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
MakeItFrom, Iron Boar Labs Ltd.
This material data has been provided by MakeItFrom, Iron Boar Labs Ltd.

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