Nozzles for wool and fiber production

Glass wool and glass fibers are manufactured at temperatures of over 1600°C (2912°F). During the production process, the liquid melt passes through outflow nozzles made of molybdenum or tungsten. The melt is then either blown or spun to create the finished product.

It is essential that the molten stream is precisely dosed and perfectly centered if a high-quality finished product is to be achieved. This is achieved by Plansee's temperature-resistant molybdenum and tungsten nozzles. With their iridium and rhenium inserts these nozzles combine excellent corrosion resistance with a long service life. To make sure these nozzles last even longer, Plansee has developed a special technology for joining the small precious metal tubes to the body of the nozzle.

Alongside outflow nozzles made from molybdenum and tungsten, Plansee also manufactures suitable molybdenum glass melting electrodes, nozzle holders, flow needles, extension tubes, furnace components and, of course, tailor-made products to meet specific needs manufactured from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, chromium and niobium.


Image provided by the courtesy of Plansee.