Semiconductor base plates

Strong base for high power semiconductors

With Plansee's molybdenum and tungsten, it is assured that power diodes, thyristors and transistors keep their cool. With their outstanding thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and material purity, Plansee base plates reliably dissipate heat away from the active device.

Avoiding stress

Mechanical stresses between the semiconductor material and the substrate may impair the functioning of the product. Plansee substrates have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of the semiconductor material. In this way, an exceptionally long component lifetime can be ensured. To coat the Plansee materials, the PVD process which guarantees exceptional material purity and extremely homogeneous coatings is used. This avoids reverse voltages between the semiconductor and the substrate.

Following the coating process, the substrates are clean as never before. And to keep them this way, they are individually packaged in the cleanroom to achieve particle-free substrates.

Customized base plates and advanced coatings for specific application

Plansee provides customized base plates and molybdenum and tungsten base plates coated with ruthenium, nickel, chromium, silver and gold can be purchased. These metals provide optimum protection against oxidation and improve the electrical contact. Thanks to their excellent adherence, they provide an optimum compound between the base plate and the semiconductor. Plansee applies its coatings by means of physical vapor deposition (PVD), which guarantees exceptional material purity and extremely homogeneous coatings. Alternatively, Plansee can supply galvanically applied coatings.


Image provided by the courtesy of Plansee.