August Platform Update – Improving the Experience for Materials Suppliers

Ben Smye
on September 6, 2018

Welcome to the latest platform update from Matmatch. In August, we focused on improving the experience for our materials suppliers to help them see the results of joining Matmatch.

  • Updated navigation across the site
  • Improved dashboard for materials suppliers
  • Improved material verification tool for suppliers

Updated navigation across the site

Let’s start with a pretty obvious change – the main navigation has changed a bit. Firstly, we’ve added a couple of links to the header, including a link to this very blog and our about page.

Signed-in users can also access their profile more easily to update details and change their password.

While this is a fairly small change, there was specific reasoning behind it. Firstly, we want to give our users quicker access to additional content, such as the blog. While, at our core, we’re a materials search platform, we also regularly publish new content and want to make it as easy to access as possible.

This updated navigation for signed-in users also sets the groundwork for future improvements to that area of the website. Right now it gives quick access to the key parts of the Account area, but will, in the future, give quick access to additional member-only features.

Matmatch August platform Update

Improved dashboard for materials suppliers

Now, to introduce an area of the website most users never see – the supplier hub. As you know, an important aspect of Matmatch is the suppliers. We’re not just a platform for doing research on materials; we’re also a place to source them.

When a supplier comes on board, they get access to the supplier hub – a place where they can manage their profile and materials, and view statistics about their company visibility on the platform in a dashboard.

Last month, we introduced a new version of the dashboard to give suppliers more insights. They can now view stats and trends over a longer time period. Plus, they now have a nice map that shows them where users are coming from.

As with everything we do, we haven’t reached the finish line yet. This is just one more step along the road to delivering a great experience for suppliers who join Matmatch.

Matmatch platform update 2

Improved material verification tool

As mentioned in the previous section, the supplier hub includes a place for suppliers to manage their materials. We made some improvements here last month to provide a better experience to new suppliers when they onboard.

Before a new supplier’s materials go live on Matmatch, they go through a verification process. That starts with our internal material science team, who process the material data provided by the supplier. The data is then uploaded to an area of the site that only the supplier can see. From there, they can check their materials one final time before giving the green light for them to go live.

We’ve made this process easier and more transparent for suppliers, to enable them to go live on the platform more quickly. Plus, they can now choose to just approve some of the materials and not others – previously it was all or nothing. Again, this means they can go live more quickly, even if they need more time to check certain materials.

Matmatch platform update August

If you’re a materials supplier and would like to join Matmatch, read about the benefits of doing so – and request a demo – here.

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