Christmas Is Here: Gather Around for a Story of Our Matmatch Family Member

on December 23, 2019

With the festive season just around the corner, our attention turns to our families and loved ones, and what better feeling to have than a feeling of kinship not just at home, but also at the workplace!

This is a story of Samir Jaber, our in-house writer and editor, for whom we waited 7 long months – his visa to EU paperwork took wayyyyyy longer than expected.

But despite the delays with visa to Germany, all paperwork and distance, our team was patiently waiting. We knew this guy is exactly what we need and it is worth waiting.

But his story goes a little deeper than that, as his path aligned with Matmatch and led him all the way from a small village in Lebanon to join us here in Munich, despite all the obstacles that came in the way…

🎄 As the Christmas spirit fills our atmosphere, there is no better time to share such a story. So, grab your wine glass or hot cocoa and gather around as Samir talks about his success story and how he became a loved member of our Matmatch family. 🎁

Samir’s story: how it all started

This is Samir in Lebanon.

Growing up in a small village within a small country like Lebanon had always given me the feeling of being limited by the extent of my society, simply wondering about the outside world and dreaming of going on something like Aladdin’s magic carpet to explore the other lands; in other words, a fantasy.

Yet, little did I know that this dream was more realistic than I ever imagined. Sooner than I thought, I was living abroad with people I never thought I’d meet in my life, exploring cultures that I only dreamt of, and making friends with folks that changed my whole perspective of life, helping me understand the real meaning of “home is where the heart is.”

Working as an undergraduate researcher at the ITUnano centre for nanotechnology and nanosystems at ITU, Istanbul (2016)

Working as an undergraduate researcher at the ITUnano centre for nanotechnology and nanosystems at ITU, Istanbul (2016).

After diving deep into the world of science and research as part of my studies, living through the ups and downs, the sweets and the sours, and exploring cultures of the east and the west, the sheer amount of information my brain was receiving over a short time overwhelmed me.

I felt like I had to go back home and take some time to rethink my next steps. It was unbelievably difficult to be in that perplexing state of mind, lost in a magnitude of information, trying to find the right path. But two things that kept me going were my love for writing and my determination to find the right group of people to have in my circle.

samir in the lab

Working on my postgraduate research studies in nano-bioengineering at the HKUST’s nanofabrication facility (2018, Hong Kong).

Finding the dream job

As I began the search for my next home, a place that I could actually grow in together with people who would believe what I believe and envision a similar future as I do, I came across something that lit a spark in my eyes, a Christmas miracle of some sort.

I found an actual job description that felt more like an offer for a new life than simply a job. Matmatch was looking for a new content writer to join their family and I was there reading the description as if they were calling for me.

I did not hesitate a second to apply and get connected with them, feeling extremely confident that this is where I should be. Sooner than later, I was having interviews with amazing members of the team until I got offered the job. I gladly accepted it and went ahead with my paperwork. This was around February of 2019.

😢 Unfortunately, one obstacle stood in the way – visa processing, which stalled my process of moving to Munich for almost 7 months, an amount of time that understandably may cause a loss of interest and connection between two parties. But this was not meant to happen to me this time.


Issues with my visa process delayed my transition and caused me to put a great load of effort and time into it, feeling anxious that my desired life was slipping away from me. But this is when I learned the real value of Matmatch.

Throughout this whole period, Matmatch treated me as part of their family, helping me in every step of the way and maintaining interest because just like I did, they felt I would fit well in their family. ☺️

And finally, joined Matmatch!

And we couldn’t be any righter. By September, and after 7 months of continuous efforts, my papers went through, and I moved to Munich with an eye to a new life.

Today marks the third month for me in this amazing family, and what better time to celebrate that than Christmas time.

Matmatch helped me re-establish my sense of belonging and bring my childhood dream of exploring a new place that could be my new home into reality, and a home is what I found in Matmatch…

Matmatch Samir Jaber

Samir at his desk at Matmatch, Munich 🙂

In this beautiful time of the year, we would love to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you all the life that you always dreamt of. 🙏

  • Marius
    Jan 23rd 2020 at 4:29 pm

    Heartwarming story 🙂

  • Benjamin Stafford
    Benjamin Stafford
    Mar 9th 2020 at 12:16 am

    I’m so glad it worked out so well for you and Matmatch in the end!

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