Digitalisation of the Materials Industry: How Engineers Find Materials Online [Infographic]

Ben Smye
on January 8, 2019

Digitalisation. You’ve probably heard the word bandied about quite a bit in the last year or two. It refers to how digital technologies transform business models and ways of working. For example, think about how banking has changed in the last few years; the days of having to go into a bank branch to manage your account are long gone. You can now do everything from your laptop or smartphone.

The materials industry is also affected by digitalisation; we’ve seen this first hand at Matmatch over the last year and a half. Materials decision-makers are increasingly going online to find information and source products. And a new generation of engineers is entering the workplace that is not just comfortable with digital technologies, they expect to use them on a daily basis in their jobs.

Over the last year or so, we’ve collected insight and feedback from Matmatch users – and now we’re pleased to share it with you. The following infographic shows how (and why) engineers are using online resources to find and source materials.

Infographic: Digitalisation of the Materials Industry


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