Matmatch Guest Author Programme Unites Materials Scientists of the World

Marta Danylenko
on August 7, 2019

Those who work in the materials industry know that the knowledge often “gets stuck” in books, PhD papers and research labs. The real insights and findings rarely find its way to the general public, and therefore get locked or lost. We want to change that.

Our ambition is to become not just a materials platform, but a place where people can share their knowledge and opinions, discuss innovative projects and inspire others for more discoveries. Matmatch is not just a database – we are a community of smart, brilliant minds that believe the cornerstone of any innovative product is materials. Materials are at the heart of every new product on the market – whether it’s a smartphone, electric vehicle, or smart textile.

So, we launched our guest author programme on June 27, 2018, and it became a huge success. Since then, we published more than 35 guest author articles and collaborated with more than 25 scientists from all over the world! This project shows that the materials community is ready to go digital to unlock a powerful world of knowledge through sharing and exchanging. 

More about the guest author project here.

The future looks bright, and we are excited to continue the journey. Here is what our guest authors say about Matmatch, materials science and the future:

“I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate materials science and reach new audiences, and the Matmatch guest author programme seemed like a great way to help me do exactly that.”

Anna Ploszajski, materials scientist, engineer and communicator
Anna Ploszajski
Materials Scientist, Engineer and Communicator

“Material science and engineering is one of the foundations of the world as we see it. Look around…your phone, car, table, bicycle… Materials are fascinating – let’s explore them together!”

Inês Castro
Inês Castro
Materials Scientist and Engineer

“Being aware of today’s new materials and their technologies is as important as being bilingual. Everybody should have at least a general idea about the present revolution in materials science and technology, as it slowly reshapes the world we are living in. Matmatch makes this whole ‘awareness’ process extremely exciting, aiding to the revolution and, consequently, to e better life for us all.”
Gabriel Constantinescu, Materials and Processes Specialist
Gabriel Constantinescu
Materials and Processes Specialist

“By sharing knowledge with the Matmatch audience, I aspire to foster a space for new ideas shaping the future of materials.”
Alejandro Simó Vesperinas
Alejandro Simó Vesperinas
Mechanical Engineer, Materials Engineer

“In order to improve how we build our society, we need to focus on not only innovative material solutions, but also effective communication of these innovations.”
Alex Impola
Alex Impola
MSc. Biomaterials and Bioenergy

“I am interested to share my current knowledge with Matmatch audience, making them aware about the intricacies involved in developing materials for critical applications such as nuclear.”
Pratik Joshi
Pratik Joshi
Materials Researcher

“I deem materials science to be the indispensable link between phenomenal ideas and their real world application and would like to share this perception in all facets with interested minds.”
Benjamin Spilker
Benjamin Spilker
Materials Scientist

“By writing articles for Matmatch, I am able to give a part of me to society by sharing knowledge and inspiring new ideas.”
Hugo Herrero Antón de Vez
Hugo Herrero Antón de Vez
Medical Doctor

“I work in the cutting edge area of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to one of the earliest endeavours of human civilization – in understanding, exploiting and developing new materials.”
Vineeth Venugopal
Vineeth Venugopal
Researcher at the intersection of AI and Material Science

“Matmatch provides an exceptional platform which cherishes the difference in expertise of their respective guest authors. Ideas are shared, and knowledge is obtained which may eventually cause the spark that will revolutionize our world as we know it today.”
Khaalid Mohamed
Khaalid Mohamed
Master Student in Materials Technology

“Working with Matmatch was a delightful experience. It gave me the ability to share my thoughts of the past and my perception of the future of one of the fastest growing materials sector.”
Rishabh A Kothari_Passport (1)
Rishabh A. Kothari
MA in Materials Science and Engineering

“The idea of a platform where curious, risk-taker minds from around the world collaborate caught my attention. The challenges that we’ve got, requires the teamwork that Matmach provides. As I read and continue reading the articles I am constantly reminded that the impossible is just the next milestone to overcome.”
Amanda Salazar del Campo
Amanda Salazar del Campo
Materials Scientist and Engineer

“Materials are often the rate-limiting step across a wide range of end use applications, and I think MatMatch is doing interesting work to enhance the visibility of materials data. I’m truly excited about the upside for soft, flexible, augmented materials and appreciate the opportunity to share that passion with the broader materials community.”
Daniel Christe, Innovation Advisor, Elsevier
Daniel Christe
Innovation Advisor, Elsevier

“I started reading the Matmatch blogs in my junior year and it has helped in shaping my perspective regarding the future of materials science. Through the guest author program, I am hoping to contribute my bit to the ever-increasing knowledge in the field of materials.”
Abhiroop Mishra, Materials Science and Engineering Student
Abhiroop Mishra
Materials Science and Engineering Student

“The Matmatch materials platform has given us the opportunity to explore and learn about the world around us. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for materials science with other materials experts from all over the world.”
Nina Samodajev_Matmatch
Nina Samodajev
MSc. Materials Science

“Science should be available for everybody; however, it usually remains hidden in scientific journals where not everybody has access to it. Projects like the one offered by Matmatch gives a platform to transmit science to a wider audience and, consequently, more people can become aware of the multiple uses and production possibilities of bio-based materials.”
Catalina Rodriguez Correa
Catalina Rodriguez Correa
Mechanical and Materials Engineer

“I’ve always been passionate about new materials and their applications. Matmatch is a remarkable meeting point between materials experts, suppliers and users where researchers and scientists can share their knowledges helping to find new solutions for a greener and smarter world.”
Matteo Stefan - Physicist and Materials Specialist
Matteo Stefan
Physicist and Materials Specialist

“Materials used in construction significantly affect the shape and quality of the environment where we live. Thanks to Matmatch, I can share my reflections on the application of materials in pioneering solutions for future cities.”
Simone Rutigliano, Architectural Engineer
Simone Rutigliano
Architectural Engineer

“I am eager to let the Matmatch audience discover new topics,
with a community that helps to shape new ideas on materials and to turn them into reality.”
mathieu vadon
Mathieu Vadon
PhD in Process Engineering

“I am keen for readers to look at materials with the same fascination I do and to see how they will impact our future.”
Benjamin Stafford
PhD in Physics

“I love the opportunity to work with Matmatch. It gives me an avenue to share my ideas based on my research experience with a wider audience and share the vision of future technology!”
Jay Desai
Jay Amrish Desai
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

“I am enthusiastic to share with the global Matmatch audience the importance of materials in technology and how current trends and ideas in the materials community are shaping our future.”
Stefan Bringuier
Stefan Bringuier
Materials Scientist and Engineer

“I appreciate that Matmatch gives me the opportunity to share my research knowledge with materials scientists around the world and helps me to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial products.”
Philipp Weis
Philipp Weis
Doctoral Student in Chemistr

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