End of Year Platform Update – New Material Page Goes Live

Ben Smye
on December 19, 2018

Here it is. The last Matmatch update of 2018. Where did the last 12 months go?! 

We may be approaching the holidays, but that hasn’t stopped us. The last couple of weeks have been full steam ahead and we are pleased to now introduce the new material page

So, what’s the big deal, you may think? Well, there are a few parts to it: 

  • An updated design 
  • New sections 
  • Backend changes 

Let’s dive in. 

An updated design 

This one is straightforward. Visit any material page and you’ll see it for yourself. 

The new layout is designed to make finding the information you need easier. We’ve moved the property data above the chemical composition as that data has proved most important. 

Other changes include: 

  • One main button near the top of the page to contact the material supplier (for materials without a supplier, you can get in touch with us for help) 
  • A small change to how chemical composition is displayed to make the information quicker to digest 
  • Material data download options moved nearer the top of the page due to the high popularity of this feature 
Matmatch materials database

New sections 

There are a couple of additional sections on the material page now: 

  • Use cases 
  • Suggested reading 
  • Images 

You’ll notice that these sections don’t appear on every page. For now, ‘Use cases’ are restricted to supplier materials, and ‘Suggested reading’ is shown on other materials. But the idea of these sections is the same – to provide further information on a material or its properties.  

Material selection is not a simple process, and information is everything. We hope that providing links to further reading will help our users make more informed material choices. 

The new images section is something many users have mentioned as important, so over time, we plan to add more images to support this aspect. 

Have a look at some examples now: 

Backend changes 

A hidden – but important – part of this update is the improvements made on the backend side. In short, the changes will allow us to move faster in the future in several different aspects. Firstly, the engineering team will be able to ship changes more quickly. Secondly, the material science team now have more flexibility in terms of how they can update and display material data. 

In short, we can move even faster than before. 

More exciting updates to come 

Given the time of the year, we decided to add a special treat to this update – a teaser of something new. 

We’re excited to share that we’ll soon be adding new languages to the site. As our global user base has grown, so has demand for localised versions of the platform. So, in early 2019 we’ll introduce several new language options to the site. 

Finally, a word on The Future of Engineering 

On a final note, we’d like to point you towards a new report that has recently been released called ‘The Future of Engineering’. Published as a special insert in UK newspaper The Times, it covers various pertinent topics for the engineering sector. 

You’ll find Matmatch featured on page 5, where we discuss how digital platforms like Matmatch can help drive innovation in product design and engineering. Read the report here: 

Today, Raconteur released a new report in The Times on The Future of Engineering. Matmatch is delighted to be featured as we discuss the importance of materials selection in driving innovation in engineering and product design.

And that’s a wrap for 2018. Thanks for being a part of the Matmatch community this past year – we look forward to taking things to the next level in 2019.

Oh, before we go, here’s a festive gift – the Matmatch materials-themed Christmas card. Why not download it and share it with your friends and colleagues too? Click here to download the PDF.

As ever, please get in touch at any time with questions or feedback. And do not forget to join our community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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