October Platform Update – Fresh Kicks for Landing Pages

Ben Smye
on November 14, 2018

Welcome to our latest monthly update. In October we released updates to a couple of the main pages on our site – our supplier landing page and the about us page. (You may have also noticed we’ve refreshed our homepage, too, but that has only just been released so doesn’t belong to the October update!). 

Plus, I’m pleased to provide a sneak preview into a new section of Matmatch that we’re working on. Keep reading to find out more! 

New supplier landing page 

An increasing number of materials suppliers are expressing an interest in joining Matmatch. Plus, in the last few months we’ve made several key improvements to our supplier offering. 

So, we thought it about time to update the landing page for suppliers, as it’s where a lot of them go first to find out more about Matmatch. 

The new page has an updated design and new messaging to explain the key benefits materials suppliers realise by joining Matmatch.  

If your company sells materials, visit the new page now and use the form at the bottom to start the process of listing your company on Matmatch. 

New ‘About us’ page 

We have an ambitious vision here at Matmatch – to “inspire people to build better products by changing the way the world discovers and uses materials.” But we didn’t communicate that publicly – until now. 

The motivation for updating our ‘About us’ page was to make this vision public and share a bit more about our company and the people behind it. That’s why we also added a team photo to the page (although the team has grown further since it was taken!). 

In time we hope to take this page further and add more about the story behind Matmatch and provide more insights into the people behind the company. Keep an eye out for future changes! 

New educational content 

In a slight departure from the norm, I’d like to highlight some new content we’ve published on matmatch.com recently. 

The reason for this is to highlight a new area of the website which is still in the early stages of development. 

First, a little bit of background. We want Matmatch to become the go-to materials platform. Central to this is our material database and search engine, but sometimes you want to read more in-depth content too. So, we are developing a new area of the site where you’ll be able to do just that. 

The main idea is that we can provide in-depth content on relevant topics, from materials, to material properties, to manufacturing methods – and more. We’ve already published some content and will continue to do so over the coming months. And, further down the line, we’ll make all this content easily accessible from a new area on the website. 

For now, why not explore some of the articles we have already published: 


Material properties: 


We’d love to hear your feedback, so please get in touch if you have some. Just send an email to info@matmatch.com and we’ll get back to you. 

Thanks for reading our latest update. If you’d like to receive regular updates to your inbox, sign up for a Matmatch account or complete the form at the bottom of the homepage to opt-in to emails.

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