Platform Update: Going Global With Three New Languages

Ben Smye
on February 15, 2019

We’re delighted to announce that Matmatch is now available in three new languages – Chinese, Russian, and German. This is a big step as we look to serve our global user base better. 

Why did we introduce these languages? 

As the Matmatch user base has grown, so has its geographical diversity. Matmatch users come from all over the world; in fact, there are Matmatch users in just about every country in the world – from Tuvalu to Eritrea. 

But something was missing. Until now, Matmatch was only available in English. And around 40% of Matmatch users speak a different first language to English. That’s a huge amount and is exactly why we have worked hard in recent weeks to introduce these new languages. 

How do I switch the language? 

Easy – look for the language picker in the footer – there you can simply select the language you want: 

How to change the language on Matmatch

You can also access each localised version via the following direct URLs: 

What is – and isn’t – translated 

This is particularly exciting. Not only is the text translated on the main pages of the site, you can also search in your language. Speak German and looking for tungsten? Finde Wolfram. Want to find steel in Chinese? 搜索“钢”。 And if you want to find polymers in Russian? Поиск полимеров. 

Long-form written content (such as this blog and other articles) isn’t translated yet. But over time we hope to introduce some localised content like this based on demand. 

What’s next? 

Soon you’ll also be able to use Matmatch in Spanish, French, and Japanese as well. You can expect to see the new options available within the next few weeks.

After that? We want to hear from you. Vote below on the language you’d most like to see added next:

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