SGL Carbon, Cerpotech and VSMPO Join Matmatch

Benjamin Stafford
on October 22, 2018

Matmatch is very happy to announce four more suppliers have decided to list their materials on our platform. We are excited to work together with these suppliers and provide users with a continuously growing range of materials and properties through our online materials database.

SGL Carbon joins Matmatch

SGL Carbon — carbon and graphite products

SGL Carbon is a worldwide leading supplier of carbon-based products headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. They deliver high-quality speciality graphite and composite products for the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, LED, solar and wind energy and lithium-ion battery industries.

SGL Carbon is keen to promote its cutting-edge presence in the additive manufacturing field. With technologies such as topology optimisation for improving product design and the ability to 3D print carbon powder parts, SGL enables a high level of customisability.

Applying this to the high-performance advantages of carbon-based products in high temperatures and harsh environments unlocks unlimited new possibilities. SGL Carbon’s SICAPRINT™ ceramic silicon carbide composite, for example, enables additive manufacturing of tough industrial components with high heat resistance, high thermal conductivity and hardness.

Yannick Willemin, Head of Innovation Strategy at SGL Carbon explained the company’s interest in Matmatch to assist them to “not only communicate information but get feedback from current and potential future customers or markets, which might be interested in new solutions.”

He added, “Matmatch being material-oriented, like SGL, means we are convinced it could be a good fit to use this material approach to generate leads to our website and potential new business.”

Learn more about the company and selection of listed materials and on the SGL Carbon supplier page.

Cerpotech joins matmatch

Cerpotech – advanced ceramic powders

Cerpotech, based in Trondheim, Norway, specialises in the production of advanced ceramic powders for functional materials. They deliver small material batches for R&D applications right up to ton-scale industrial orders.

Cerpotech enables materials buyers to develop and produce innovative products in the energy, environment and electronics sectors. Their wide-ranging ceramic powders are being applied in cutting-edge applications including fuel cells, batteries, membranes, catalysts, electroceramics and lead-free piezo materials.

Andreas Richter, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cerpotech revealed the company’s reasons for deciding to list their materials on Matmatch: “We want to reach the relevant experts for our materials and we see Matmatch as a perfect tool to reach our very niche, very specialised customer group.” He added: “We believe we can reach a much larger, worldwide audience through Matmatch.”

Learn more about this company, their products and how to get in touch on the Cerpotech supplier page.

VSMPO Tirus joins Matmatch

VSMPO TIRus – titanium products

VSMPO TiRus GmbH is the German affiliate of the largest, truly vertically integrated international titanium producer, PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, which is located in Verkhnaya Salda, Russian Federation.

VSMPO TiRus supplies a broad range of titanium products, including alloys, for a variety of applications in the aerospace, medical, automotive and other industrial engineering markets.

To learn more about the company, their products, which will be online very soon, and how to get in touch, visit the VSMPO TiRus supplier page.

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