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Dillinger is a world   leader in the manufacturing of heavy steelplates in a uniquely wide range of steel   grades, product dimensions and item weights. The steel grades range from   non-alloy structural steels to ultra-high-strength fine-grained steels and   from weather-resistant to sour-gas-resistant steels. Dillinger offers plate   thicknesses up to 500 mm and widths up to 5,200 mm. Plate weights up to 52 t are possible. The   high-tech plates are used to realize extraordinary and technically   sophisticated projects all over the globe: e. g. in the areas of steel   construction, engineering, offshore oil and gas, offshore wind and tidal power,   line pipe and pressure vessel construction, Earth moving machinery and Mining.


With a high level of   innovation, state-of-the-art production processes, valuable service offers   and – not at least – many years of experience, Dillinger provides crucial   added value to its customers. In addition to excellent product quality, we at   Dillinger have always attached great importance to cooperation based on trust   and partnership. We help our customers to better master whatever challenges they may   face: close and long-standing customer relationships bear eloquent witness to   this.


Dillinger is firmly   committed to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. Our path to   carbon-neutral steel production stands under the motto “proactive,   carbon-free, efficient”. Over the last 15 years, Dillinger and its sister   company Saarstahl already made investments in the amount of EUR 700 million   to improve environmental protection and efficiency. With our “proactive,   carbon-free, efficient” strategy, we aim to be producing carbon-neutral steel   by no later than 2045. Achieving this complete transformation will require   large investments in new facilities and new infrastructure. Therefore we have to be realistic: the goal of 100% CO2 neutrality   will need time. Nevertheless, the   first steps have in fact been successfully taken and we plan to achieve   significant carbon savings already by 2035.

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A heavy plate product is only perfect if it also fits in optimally with your production processes and delivery schedules. According to your needs, Dillinger can perform the initial machining and fabrication operations. Ex mill we offer: Edge processing/ weld seam preparation, oxyfuel and plasma cutting/ cut-to-size plate for foundation plates, lamellas, press frames, flange rings, racks for wind farm installation vessels and jack-up rigsor, tube sheets for container construction Ex stock/Steel Service Centers we offer: 1. If you need your heavy-plate material in an ultra-short time, or only in small quantities, our steel stockists and flame-cutting affiliates have a large selection of grades and dimensions in stock for you. Please visit: 2. Our steel stockists and flame-cutting affiliates offer also various one-stop services: e. g. machining, weld edge preparation, heat treatments as well as welding, certified according to EN 1090, also with robots and also for high strength steel. They offer cut pieces or components prefabricated to your need, also with extremely heavy weight, e.g. welded components with a piece weight up to 160 t. For more details please visit:

Quality certifications

Company-related: ISO 9001; ISO 45001; ISO/IEC 17025 , please visit https:// Integrated Management System Product-related: more than 200 international approvals, certificates and customer qualifications from qualification bodies like ABS, ASTM, DNVGL … for details please visit

Environment certifications

ISO 14001; ISO 50001; Ecovadis (silver medal); CDP-Ranking 2020: Score A-

Extra services

Our experienced engineers are on hand to provide our customers with product-related advisory services, such as help with steel selection, in-depth discussion on specifications or processing issues. In addition, you find broad digital information services in our E-Service portal. You have access to all order related documents such as current order status, certificates, invoices, delivery history. A product finder and feasibility calculations help you selecting the suitable steel for your need. With the E-Connect App you identify quickly and reliable a Dillinger heavy plate, and get all certificate information and test results. The chemical analysis can be transferred to standard calculation tools e.g. for the optimum preheating temperature for flame cutting.

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