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Ed Fagan Inc.

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About Ed Fagan Inc.

Ed Fagan Inc. is a worldwide supplier of specialty metals and special purpose alloys based in New Jersey. The Company stocks controlled expansion alloys, electronic nickel, soft magnetic alloys, and refractory metals to meet the on-demand needs of customers in the aerospace/aviation, defense, electronic, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication and various high-technology industries.

Company profile

Revenue 0-1M USD
Number of employees 1000+
Year founded 1965
Quality certifications ISO 9001

Material categories

Additionally: Controlled Expansion Alloys, Electrical and Electronic Nickel, Soft Magnetic Alloys, Refractory Metals and Alloys


  • United States
    Ed Fagan Inc. West
    10537 Humbolt Street
    90720 Los Alamitos, CA
    United States
    Ed Fagan Inc. East
    769 Susquehanna Avenue
    07417 Franlin Lakes, NJ
    United States