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Peter Hamnäs

About Gränges

Gränges develops, produces, and distributes rolled aluminum material for brazed heat exchanger applications in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Company profile

Revenue 100-1000M USD
Number of employees 1000+
Year founded 1896
Quality certifications "Certificates for Gränges Europe ISO14001 ISO50001 ISO9001 ISO TS16949 Certificates for Gränges Asia ISO14001 OSHAS18001 ISO TS16949 Certificates for Gränges Americas Salisbury, ISO 9001:2015 Huntingdon, ISO 9001:2015"
Patents 52 patent families and 168 patents

Material categories

Additionally: Aluminium Clad Tubes, Aluminium Clad fins, Aluminium Unclad Fins, Aluminium Clad Plates