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Heilongjiang J&X

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Kayla Liu

About Heilongjiang J&X

Heilongjiang J&X , founded in 2005. It owns five major production bases throughout Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanxi etc. J & X has two branches separately located in Hongkong and Shenzhen. The main business is divided into two parts, Hardware Dept. and Electromechanical & Chemicals Dept. The Hardware Dept. includes Decorative hardware, Hand tools, Building materials, Safety protective products. The Electromechanical & Chemicals Dept. includes Graphite, Carbon, Carbon fiber and other high-tech products.

Company profile

Headquarters Harbin, China
Revenue $1-100 Million
Number of employees <250
Year founded 2005
Type Manufacturer & Distributor

Material categories

Additionally: Graphite, Synthetic Graphite, Carbon fiber, Insulation Panel, Insulation Felt, Furniture Fittings, Polyurenthane Sheets, PVC Siding Panel, Carbon Fiber