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Josef Mommertz

About KME

KME AG, through its subsidiaries, manufactures and delivers rolled products, tubes, rods, melting and casting products, and a range of special products. It offers engineered products; brass rods, profiles, and wires; products for the building industry, such as gutters and accessories; connectors for the automotive industry that include profiled strips for all applications of connectors' industry, and copper and copper alloy strips with blank surfaces or hot tin plated coating.

Company profile

Revenue 1B+ USD
Number of employees 1000+
Year founded 1873
Type Manufacturer & Distributor
Quality certifications ISO-9001 2015-2018, ISO-14001-18001 OS 2013-2016, ISO-50001 OS 2014-2016, ISO-TS ME ab 2015, ISO-TS OS ab 2015, ISO TS 16949

Material categories

Additionally: Copper Products, Copper Alloy Products, Copper Alloyed and Brass Products