Unique Molybdenum – Rhenium Alloy

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Rhenium is a very beneficial alloying element for molybdenum and refractory metals in general. It improves tensile strength, ductility and weldability while lowering the ductile to brittle transition temperature and removing the brittleness occurring after recrystallization.

The molybdenum-based alloy powder materials containing 10 to 50 wt.% of rhenium have been used primarily for a wide range of high-temperature applications in electronics, furnace, and aerospace industries.

But this is not all, molybdenum – rhenium alloy also presents wear resistance, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, machinability and fatigue resistance properties making it an exceptional alternative to traditional implant materials.

Take a look and learn more about this unique alloy in the following article: https://www.imoa.info/download_files/molyreview/excerpts/18-1/MoRe_implants.pdf

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Molibdenos y Metales S.A. (Molymet) is a Chilean corporation with over 75 years in the molybdenum and rhenium industry. Molymet’s business is the treatment and processing of molybdenum concentrate to produce molybdenum and rhenium products for commercial use.

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Molybdenum-based alloys containing rhenium - specifically the "Mo-50 Re" alloy - is now certified for cardiovascular stent applications.