Das Material: 'Flexible Graphite Foil (C000305)', nach dem Sie gesucht haben, wurde durch das untenstehende ersetzt.

Flexible Graphite Foil (C000305)

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The flexible graphite foil is manufactured from high quality expanded natural graphite free of adhesives and binders. Inhibitors can be added to enhance the performance.

It offers outstanding protection against oxidation for greater reliability and longer service life.

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Ashby charts





23.0 °C

2E-5 cm²/s

Show Material materials with Permeabilitätskoeffizient of 2E-5 cm²/s

for air through plane


23.0 °C

1 g/cm³

Show Material materials with Schüttdichte of 1 g/cm³




23.0 °C

1 %

Show Material materials with Dehnung of 1 %

Dichtungsfaktor „m“

23.0 °C

2 N/mm²

Show Material materials with Dichtungsfaktor „m“ of 2 N/mm²

Dichtungsfaktor „y“

23.0 °C

10 N/mm²

Show Material materials with Dichtungsfaktor „y“ of 10 N/mm²


23.0 °C

0.7 GPa

Show Material materials with Elastizitätsmodul of 0.7 GPa

DIN 28090-1

Härte, Shore D

23.0 °C

30 [-]

Show Material materials with Härte, Shore D of 30 [-]


23.0 °C

45 %

Show Material materials with Kompressibilitätsfaktor of 45 %

DIN 28090-2

Kompressionsfaktor bei Entspannung

20.0 °C

5 %

Show Material materials with Kompressionsfaktor bei Entspannung of 5 %

DIN 28090-2

300.0 °C

4 %

Show Material materials with Kompressionsfaktor bei Entspannung of 4 %

DIN 28090-2


23.0 °C

3 %

Show Material materials with Kriechkompressibilitätsfaktor of 3 %

DIN 28090-2


23.0 °C

4 MPa

Show Material materials with Zugfestigkeit of 4 MPa




23.0 °C

0.15 %

Show Material materials with Aschegehalt of 0.15 %

DIN 51903

Koeffizient der thermischen Ausdehnung

1000.0 °C

1E-6 1/K

Show Material materials with Koeffizient der thermischen Ausdehnung of 1E-6 1/K

Thermal conductivity, through-plane

20.0 °C

5 W/(m·K)

Show Material materials with Thermal conductivity, through-plane of 5 W/(m·K)


20.0 °C

200 W/(m·K)

Show Material materials with Wärmeleitfähigkeit of 200 W/(m·K)

thermischer Ausdehnungskoeffizient, transversal

1000.0 °C

5E-5 1/K

Show Material materials with thermischer Ausdehnungskoeffizient, transversal of 5E-5 1/K



spezifischer Widerstand

20.0 °C

8E-6 Ω·m

Show Material materials with spezifischer Widerstand of 8E-6 Ω·m

spezifischer Widerstand, transversal

20.0 °C

6.5E-4 Ω·m

Show Material materials with spezifischer Widerstand, transversal of 6.5E-4 Ω·m

Chemical properties



5E-3 %

Show Material materials with Andere of 5E-3 %

halogen content


1E-3 %

Show Material materials with Chlor of 1E-3 %


1E-3 %

Show Material materials with Fluor of 1E-3 %


99.85 %

Show Material materials with Kohlenstoff of 99.85 %


0.03 %

Show Material materials with Schwefel of 0.03 %

Technological properties

Application areas

Metallic gaskets such as spiral wound gaskets, corrugated metal gaskets and kammprofile gaskets, compression packing for stuffing boxes

Corrosion inhibitor

Passive corrosion inhibitor (ASTM F 2168-13)


The key feautres are: Soft and flexible, inert and highly impermeable to gases and liquids, fire safe; Asbestos-free, no associated health risks; Free of any polymers or organic binders; No aging or fatigue under dynamic load even at elevated temperatures; Even in long term services, no noticeable changes in properties; No measurable cold or warm flow characteristics up to the maximum permissible gasket stress; Electrically conductive, no static charge; Excellent chemical resistance and high thermal shock capability; Operating temperatures from cryogenic to super-heated steam temperature. Life time might be limited by the joint design, actual equipment temperatures and operating temperatures; Easy handling and processability during assembly or punching

Oxidation inhibitor