Quality buyers for your products

Matmatch helps buyers to find, evaluate and source materials for their projects. For suppliers this is an excellent opportunity to reach quality buyers for their products.

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Generate qualified leads

Leverage a modern-day digital sales tool – finally available for the material industry. Profit from our strong investment in search engine optimisation and marketing. more

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Promote your products & applications

Actively recommend your material alternatives based on searched applications or material properties. more

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Get market insights and feedback

Understand the market, discover trends and find new applications for your products. more

"I need an aluminum alloy that is light, yet durable, for aerospace applications under harsh environments."

Generate qualified leads

Buyers tell Matmatch exactly what they are looking for when they are using our search. This way we can match the right buyers with the right suppliers and provide you with already pre-qualified leads.

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Promote your products and applications

As a supplier, you can create publicly available and searchable projects. Share your expertise and point users towards proven application areas and use cases for your materials.

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Get market insights and feedback

Get trends and immediate feedback from the buyers most relevant to you. Discover how they use your products and which applications they recommend.

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