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NGF is a global business with manufacturing units in Japan, China, UK, Poland and Canada and is a member of the NSG Group of companies. The group is a world leader in the manufacture of glass products for building, automotive and information electronics applications.

NGF is at the forefront of the design, manufacture and marketing of specialised glass cord and flake products that are used in a variety of industries worldwide.

  • MICROGLAS ® CORD provides enhanced adhesion to rubbers or thermoplastics through a special surface treatment applied to continuous glass fiber. Because of its superior properties, such as tensile strength, flexural fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, and heat resistance, MICROGLAS ® CORD is used as a reinforcing member in a variety of elastomeric applications such as; timing belts for automobiles; power transmission belts for various industries; extruded rubber profiles; high-performance tires; and other mechanical rubber goods. Cord can also be chopped to various lengths and used for compound reinforcement. Carbon Fibre, Aramid and Hybrid cords are also part of the company’s portfolio.
  • HIGH TENSILE GLASS YARN (HTY) comes with different tensile strengths, diameters and treatments, with increased modulus and strength per weight when compared to E glass yarns. It can be woven or used unidirectional and pre-impregnated with liquid resin to form a semi-cured product. These are the basis for lightweight high strength construction parts. These components can be used in technical fabrics in mid to high temp insulation applications; ballistic protection; lightweight reinforcement for aerospace; defence and civil applications.
  • GLASFLAKE ® is manufactured from glass flakes available in C-, E- or TA- chemistries and whose average diameter ranges from 10 μm to 4,000 μm (4 mm) in size having 2 μm or 5 μm low-tolerance thickness. C-glass flakes are exceptionally acid-resistant. When applied as a liquid coating, these glass flake additives produce a "tortuous barrier effect" and dramatically improve protective service life and chemical resistance, increase wear resistance, prevent the coating from cracking and allow contractors to double their wet-film thickness. Because of their unique dimensions and aspect ratio, E-glass flakes can prevent warpage or shrinkage and thereby provide dimensional stability for moulded or extruded thermoplastic or thermoset products. TA- glass delivers ultra-low heavy metals contents to the cosmetics industry.
  • METASHINE ® is an effects pigment that starts with NSG glass flake substrates upon which a range of pure metal or metal oxide coatings are precisely applied. Because the glass flakes are transparent and extremely smooth, there is no reduction of the aesthetic properties of the base materials. METASHINE is widely used in a variety of applications including automotive paints (OEM and refinish), electric and gas appliance surfaces, plastics, inks, and cosmetics to produce outstanding glitter, sparkle or unique metallic luster effect.




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1918 (NSG Group)




Automotive, Manufacturing, Composite Reinforcenent, Construction, Information Electronics & Telecommunications


IS0 9001 – IS0 14001 – IATF 16949



NGF Canada Limited

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Suzhou NSG Electronics Co., Ltd.

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