About Cerpotech

Cerpotech is specialized in the production of advanced ceramic powders for functional materials. Our production capabilities include customized batches for R&D purposes as well as ton-scale supply of powders for industrial production.  With our unique production process, we synthesize high quality ceramic powders that are tailored to the specific processing requirements and end-product functionalities of our customers. Thereby, we enable our customers and partners to develop and produce innovative products in many different technology fields. The main applications are:   • Energy – fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries • Environmental – membranes and catalysts • Electronics –electroceramics and lead-free piezo materials  Cerpotech is located in Trondheim, Norway. Our company was founded in 2007 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. We are a highly-qualified team that would like to support you all the way from your research projects to your production activities.

Company profile


Tiller, Norway


1-10M USD

Number of employees


Year founded





Yes, granted as well as ongoing applications


Energy, Environmental, Electronics, other

Processing capabilities

Spray pyrolysis

Quality certifications

QMS implementation ongoing

Extra services

Customized environmental friendly manufacturing of advanced ceramic oxides by spray pyrolysis from development of protocols for new compositions to ramp up and large volume production of standardized protocols.