Aluminium-rubber stair nosing (dirt protection and non-slip)

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Rubber stair nosing is used to protect the stairs from wear and tear. It is a relatively new technology that protects the stairs from wearing out and ensures a tide look. Most importantly, rubber stair nosing helps to increase the grip between the shoe and the surface, which results in better support and safety.


One more benefit of rubber stair nosing is durability since such profiles are created of the aluminium threshold and rubber inserts. Rubber is tough, strong and water-resistant, therefore resilient against many conditions. Additionally, rubber is quite low maintenance - it is easy to clean and take care of.


Aluminium stair nose trims with insert rubber are recommended for carpets, vinyl, laminate stair, tile or floor and can are designed for residential (households) or commercial use (entrance lobby).


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Aluminium stair nosing strips with inserted rubber by Braz Line are made from the AD-31 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6060) and AD-35 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6082) and come in various:


  • Dimensions (50 x 5 mm with rubber insert 50 x 6,5 mm; 50 x 23 mm with rubber insert 50 x 24,5 mm)

  • Shapes (corrugated)

  • Special features (with corrugated zones and rubber inserts, made as separate component shapes to arrange for different carpet sizes)

  • Intended use (on flat surfaces with any covering to prevent slippage, at staircase outer angles, in entrance lobbies on flat surfaces with any covering to prevent slippage and dirt)


Advantages of aluminium stair nose edge profiles with inserted rubber are:


  1. Good-looking and anti-slip

  2. Reduced accident risk

  3. High durability

  4. Easy installation


Aluminium profile with anti-slip rubber insert provides a perfect finish and meet the need for safety edging.


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Slippage and dirt protection shapes by Braz Line production

  • Conform to EEC safety standards governing accident prevention in public places.
  • Non-slip profiles for stairs
  • Designed to protect edges and the nosing between treads and risers.
  • Elegance and resistance for all public and private applications.
  • Protect the nosing and hide the join between tread and riser.