Aluminium stair nosing profiles (sections for staircase lining)

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Steps and stairs have always been a challenge for a designer or an architect. They need to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe to walk on or climb.


Stair nosing profiles are especially recommended in stairs where greater protection is required due to the risk of slip and fall.


Aluminium sections for staircase lining ensure the protection of step edges in all areas, indoors and outdoors, in residential or public buildings and offices. Aluminium profiles for the staircase are also used to avoid sliding on the stairs without coating.


Aluminium stair nosing profiles 5.png


Finally, staircases are quickly contaminated, that’s why special profiles are used to protect outer angles of the stairs.

Some stairs may also be a carpet installed. In this case, a stair rod is used to hold carpeting in place on steps. Stair rods consist of a long bar (either a tube or a solid core) and brackets used to hold the bar in place. Aluminium carpet holders can be used with either a carpet runner or with a fitted carpet.


Aluminium stair nosing profiles and stair rods by Braz Line are manufactured from the AD-31 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6060) and AD-35 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6082). These aluminium staircase lining shares are available in various:


  • Dimensions (24,5 x 10 mm, 24,5 x 20 mm, 30 x 30 mm, 44 x 22 mm, etc.)

  • Shapes (flat with two grooves, with one corrugated zone, with three corrugated zones and round edge face)

  • Colours (silver, gold, bronze, champagne, etc.)

  • Special features (with mounting openings)

Stair rods by Braz Line are used for carpeted staircase inner angles and available in:


  • Dimensions (9 x 7,5 mm)

  • Shapes (round, smooth)

  • Colours (silver, gold, bronze)

  • Special features (with concealed fixing system)

Braz Line wide range of stair nosing profiles and stair rods is extremely versatile. They combine an attractive finish in a range of colours to suit almost any internal and external design scheme. In a range of sizes and thicknesses, there are profiles to match all floors and scenarios.


Aluminium stair nosing profiles 6.png


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Sections for staircase lining by Braz Line production

  • Protect tile edges from cracking
  • Protect and conceal the subassembly
  • Increase visibility
  • Prevent slip hazards
  • Provide decorative accents within the tile covering
  • Designed for both commercial and residential applications